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Sustainable Fishing & a Love of Science

In 2020, Amy Kirke’s dedication to the ocean and its inhabitants earned her the mantle of Northern Territory AgriFutures Rural Women’s Award winner thanks to her work in sustainable fishing and commitment to encouraging more women into the world of Science, Technology, Math and Engineering (STEM).

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The Journey to Tell 10,000 Stories

Oli Le Lievre is a young man on a mission. Each night, he dives straight into his passion project; finding and broadcasting fascinating stories of people in agriculture. He’s just clocked 120 stories on his Instagram and podcast: Humans of Agriculture, and he says our industry needs to get better at telling its story… lest somebody else tells it first.

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The Great Internet Dilemma on Australian Farms

Two-thirds of Australian farms have unsatisfactory internet connections. We all know the routine, phone calls drop out right when you need them not to and forget about it if you need to access broadband quickly in the paddock. A consequence of this is that adopting new ag-technologies that require the internet is pretty much out of the question. Fortunately, an idea out of Wagga Wagga, inspired by a farmer in Dirranbandi, is set to change all that...

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Tools down; farming life’s on a high for McNally family

Putting down the tools and picking up the reins to Gundary near Goulburn has been more than just a tree change for Troy and Hannah McNally. A builder by trade, Troy and his young family left Sydney 10 years ago and today they’re living a life even better than what they could have imagined with their Amaroo Australian Whites.

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Trefusis calls Georgina home for good

On the days she’s battling Tasmania’s horizontal sleet and hail, Georgina Wallace jokes that even she wonders what the latte set is doing and whether they might have a spot for her at the table. In reality though, there’s nowhere she could imagine herself and husband Hamish being than Trefusis, a 7000-hectare property in the Tasmanian Midlands.

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Bridging the gap with creativity, homegrown knowledge and downward dogs

She’s the cheery voice on the other end of the phone for the AuctionsPlus commercial operations team by day, by afternoon she’s a yoga teacher and as the sun escapes the sky, she morphs into a graphic design student. Oh, and she’s expecting her first baby next year. Emily Armstong always knew she was destined for a future in agriculture; she just didn’t know she’d be quite so busy.