Andrew Whitelaw

Andrew Whitelaw

Andrew Whitelaw, originally from the UK, took his early career strides in the animal feed and biofuels sector. In 2010, he moved to Australia, bringing his passion for business and agriculture along with him. A graduate from the University of Western Scotland in Business IT, and later, the University of Queensland with a master’s in Agribusiness, Andrew has steadily built his expertise. He’s held various roles in agriculture and food sectors, even co-owning a pig farm with Matt Dalgleish, a friend and co-founder at EP3. Away from work, Andrew shares his passion for sharing and learning about agriculture on a podcast called ‘AgWatchers’, which he co-hosts with Dalgleish. He also keeps active with a mix of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling, boxing, and ice hockey. Through all his activities, Andrew Whitelaw offers a grounded perspective on balancing business, hobbies, and fitness.


Market Insights

Opinion: Is it time for farmers to work together?

Episode3 analyst Andrew Whitelaw has posed an idea that's "a bit lefty", but also "a sensible capitalist task" that could increase the resources of farmer representatives whilst potentially decreasing the impact of the cost of living for everyday Australians.


Why grain premiums are rising in South Queensland

It seems like the good times are coming to an end. We had two years of terrible drought, followed by three years of excellent production across most of Australia. It was only a matter of time, but it seems the times of high production are turning. ABARES is due to release an update in September; it will be for falling production.