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Weekly Market Comments from AuctionsPlus


Weekly Cattle Comments - 13.05.22
13 May 2022

The widespread rain of the past week failed to have a major impact on overall cattle supplies, with AuctionsPlus commercial cattle offerings hitting 18,656 head this week. While offerings remained healthy, the rain seemed to have a major impact on demand, but not in the traditional upwards manner. A lack of immediate buyer interest from Queensland and northern NSW players contributed to a consistent decline in young steer prices, as buyers looked to more immediate rain-induced issues.

Sheep & Lamb

Weekly Sheep & Lamb Comments - Week ending Friday 13th May 2022
11 May 2022

Originally published 11th of May 2022, Updated 13th of May 2022 AuctionsPlus commercial sheep and lamb numbers remained limited this week, with a total offering of 57,624 head – up 4% from last week. While mixed results were achieved across the respective categories this week, confidence and demand within lamb and joined ewe categories lifted week-on-week, largely driven by rainfall and ability for lambs to be finished on feed. Clearance rates overall held firm to reach 58% at the immediate closure of the sheep and lamb sales on Tuesday, with post sale negotiations seeing overall clearance rise to 79% - the highest for several weeks.


Weekly Cattle Comments - 06.05.22
6 May 2022

The largest commercial cattle offering in seven weeks left AuctionsPlus average prices at the close of sales with no clear trend, with some sharp falls through the young heifer lines offset by good gains for heavy steers. Of the 20,333 head offered, up 4% on last week and 20% on the corresponding week last year, PTIC heifers and 200-280kg steers were the two largest categories, while cows with CAF remained scarce.

Sheep & Lamb

Weekly Sheep & Lamb Comments - Week ending Friday 6th May 2022
3 May 2022

Originally published 3 May 2022, Updated 6 May 2022 The first week of May had commercial sheep and lamb numbers back 11% on last week, to total 55,470 head. Mixed results were realised across the board following the immediate close of the Tuesday commercial auction, as buyers largely remained selective on weight, age, quality, and bloodline. Clearance rates reached 73% by late Thursday afternoon, as post sale negotiations kicked into gear as the impact of additional rain brought more buyers to the table.


Weekly Cattle Comments - 29.04.22
29 April 2022

Commercial cattle offerings through AuctionsPlus this week reached 19,463 head, an increase of 2% on last week, as clearance rates lifted across almost all categories. Excellent falls of rain through central Queensland and NSW during the past week helped to rekindle buyer competition, especially for the quality lines out northern NSW.


Monthly Goat Comments - April 2022
28 April 2022

It was a much quieter April for AuctionsPlus commercial goat listings, with only 5,559 head offered – back 72% from the previous month. The main driver for the lower throughput was the public holiday induced shortened weeks, which also had commercial sheep and lamb offerings down by 53% for the same period. Top goat listing regions for the month included Western Queensland (2,149 head), Southern Queensland (2,060 head) and Western NSW (1,022 head).

Sheep & Lamb

Weekly Sheep & Lamb Comments - Week ending Friday 29th April 2022
26 April 2022

Originally published Wednesday 20th April 2022, Updated Friday 22nd of April 2022. In the final week of April, a total of 62,565 head of commercial sheep and lambs were offered through AuctionsPlus, a 36% increase week-on-week. Compared to the corresponding week in 2021 numbers were back 37%, however there is some expectation for a “backlog” of lambs to enter the market in the coming weeks, following the reduced trading days through April.


Weekly Cattle Comments - 22.04.22
22 April 2022

After last weeks holiday reduced offerings, commercial cattle numbers through AuctionsPlus major sales bounced back this week, with the 19,120 head selling to a predominantly stronger market. With a significantly larger young steer offering this week, prices were up across all five categories, spurred by an encouraging forecast for widespread rain into next week, along with a scramble for quality lighter lines before the cold weather eventually hits the southern states.

Sheep & Lamb

AuctionsPlus Weekly Sheep & Lamb summary – w/e Friday, 22nd April 2022
22 April 2022

Originally published Wednesday 20th April 2022, Updated Friday 22nd of April 2022. A total of 46,166 commercial sheep and lambs were offered through AuctionsPlus this week, down 19% on last weeks offering, with the Easter long weekend the main influence for the reduced numbers. The 44% clearance rate registered at the immediate close of Tuesdays auctions jumped to 51% in the days following, as post sale negotiations continue to form a large part of transactions in an overall softer market.