Cooper Schouten

Cooper Schouten

Developing impactful international agricultural research programs for achieving effective and sustainable outcomes for marginalised communities throughout the Indo-Pacific region. My work aims to improve the effectiveness of education, research and capacity-building within partner countries and Australia, while examining the transferability of these findings to other agricultural development programs, products and services. International agricultural research; Beekeeping; Honey bee and pollination biosecurity; Apis mellifera; Apis cerana; Apis dorsata; Varroa; Tropilaelaps; Honey bee nutrition, supplementary feeding and floral calendar development; Queen bee breeding; Post-harvest handling and quality assurance; Marketing, branding and bee business; Gender equity and participatory approaches to agriculture; Value-added honey bee products; Beekeeping education, training and extension.



What widespread Varroa mite will mean for ag

The federal government body in charge of pest control has announced Australia will abandon efforts on eradicating the Varroa mite.