LISTEN: 2023 Beef Market Crash - Will We See A Repeat Anytime Soon? with Matt Dalgleish

13 May 2024
An article by  Ben Law - The Financial Bloke

In the latest episode of the Wealth & Wisdom Podcast, we're digging into the turbulent world of the beef market with Matt Dalgleish, a seasoned agricultural market analyst who knows his way around livestock, grain, and wool data.

Coming off a brutal year for beef producers in 2023 - with skyrocketing interest rates, soaring inflation, and plunging beef prices - the industry is on edge, and everyone wants to know what's next.

Matt breaks down what caused the perfect storm that hit beef producers hard. Was it a classic market crash, or just a blip in the larger economic cycle? He also gives us his thoughts on whether the worst of the volatility is behind us or if we should brace for more market turbulence.

With inflation and interest rates looming over every aspect of the economy, Matt pulls out his crystal ball to share what he sees on the horizon. Is the worst over, or is the beef industry in for another wild ride? If you're involved in agriculture or just curious about the state of the market, you won't want to miss this conversation.

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Tune in to get Matt's take on these pressing questions and more, as we unpack what went wrong, where we're at now, and what's in store for beef producers. If you enjoy the episode, help us reach more families on the land by leaving a review on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. It not only boosts the show's reach but also brings a smile to our faces.

So, buckle up and listen in for a deep dive into the beef market with a self-confessed "market nerd" who's got the expertise to guide us through the ups and downs.


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