LISTEN: What I learned from over 200 family succession meetings with John Moor

8 July 2024
An article by  Ben Law - The Financial Bloke

Family succession is a common challenge in business, as evidenced by its portrayal in popular TV series like 'Yellowstone' and 'Succession'. These dramas highlight the grim consequences of mishandled transitions, what Ben refers to as the ‘Three Generation Curse’.

In today’s episode, Ben is joined by John Moor, a seasoned facilitator of over 200 family succession meetings, who has also navigated the murky waters of succession first-hand.

John shares the recurring themes, pivotal moments, and the breakthroughs he’s witnessed over recent years that can revolutionise how families navigate succession.

Join us as we discover the hidden truths of family succession, guided by John's wealth of experience and newfound insights.




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