2024 Q1 Breed Hoofprint

24 April 2024
An article by  AuctionsPlus

Aggregating several years of detailed transaction data through the AuctionsPlus platform, the AuctionsPlus Breed Hoofprint report showcases the indicative location of purebred commercial cattle in Australia. Where is the hotspot for your breed?

The top breeds for listings on AuctionsPlus so far in 2024 have been included in the analysis: including Angus, Brahman, Hereford, Droughtmaster, Santa Gertrudis, Friesian, Brangus, Charbray, Shorthorn, Charolais and Murray Grey.

Continuing on from an analysis of increased listings of purebred cattle in 2022, the “Breed Hoofprint” delivers a visual representation of the fluidity of the Australian cattle market. This year's hoofprint includes listings from the 1st of January to the 31st of March, 2024.

Indexed price comparisons from Q1 2019 to Q1 2024 for each breed against the EYCI are included in the report, highlighting the variability each breed has against the “general market”.

Download the Q1 2024 Breed Hoofprint



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