China lifts further beef export bans 

30 May 2024
Export approvals for five Australian meat export processors have been lifted by China, but two remain. Pic: AgriShots
An article by  Natasha Lobban

China has reinstated export approvals for five Australian beef export processors that were suspended in 2020. 

The government on Thursday confirmed that China’s suspension of five meat processing establishments had been lifted with immediate effect and that two remain suspended. 

It’s understood those affected are Kilcoy Global Foods, Meramist, JBS Dinmore, JBS Beef City and Casino Food. John Dee at Warwick, and Australian Country Choice in Brisbane remain suspended.   

“We continue to press China to remove the remaining trade impediments, including for Australia’s rock lobster industry,” the government statement read. 

The announcements come six months after another three processors had their suspensions lifted. 

Australian Meat Industry Council (AMIC) said it had continued working tirelessly advocating for the lifting of the remaining suspensions with government as well as our industry partners in China.  

“After four years of advocacy and hard work on the behalf of red meat exporters we have finally achieved a fantastic result,” AMIC CEO, Patrick Hutchinson, said. 

“The AMIC team has worked closely with Agricultural Minister Murray Watt and Trade Minister Don Farrell, The Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade as well as our industry partners in China, to have these suspensions lifted.  

“This is a great outcome not only for these companies but the clients some of them process for, and the thousands of farmers and feedlots they support through cattle purchase.  

“As a matter of priority, we will continue working with the Federal Government and China on not only having the remaining two exporters’ suspensions lifted, but also restarting the new opportunities for other Australian red meat businesses who have been waiting for access to the Chinese Market.” 

Cattle Australia (CA) welcomed the reinstatement of export approvals, with Acting Chief Executive Officer, Ivar Bisseling, saying industry advocacy groups such as AMIC and the Federal Government should be applauded for their work. 

“It is the role of Governments to open markets for Australian products, not close them, and to develop supply chains in conjunction with industry, and this is a great example of industry and Government positively collaborating to achieve a tremendous outcome with an important international customer,” he said. 

“We look forward to all establishments soon being able to export beef to China without restriction, and the resumption of full and unfettered trade with one of our key trading partners.  

“This positive step today creates the opportunity to open new avenues of access to the Chinese market, for not just the beef industry but Australian agriculture as a whole.” 

The National Farmers Federation also welcomed the announcement, with NFF President, David Jochinke, saying it was another important step in the right direction towards improving our trading relationship with one of Australia’s major partners. 

“This builds on the welcome lifting of restriction on wine imports announced in March this year,” he said. 

“Australian agriculture is a trade dependent sector, exporting more than 70% of what it produces and China is a valued trading partner for Australian farmers.” 



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