Weekly Cattle Comments - Week ending Friday 7th June

7 June 2024
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AuctionsPlus commercial cattle numbers fell 5% this week, totaling 16,702 head, with overall demand reducing by 19 percentage points to register a 54% clearance rate. The price over reserve kicked up $26 to average $110 above set reserve rates, and the benchmark steer price indicator lifted 7% to average $1,179/head. The AuctionsPlus Young Cattle Indicator was flat on last week at 362c/kg liveweight. The sold-during-auction premium continues to widen against post-auction sales, with sold-at-auction averaging 25% above post-sale results this week.

Listings mainly came from NSW this week, with the 8,306 head representing an 18% increase on last week and making up 50% of the total offering. Queensland was the second highest listing state, with 4,638 head offered, which was down 9% on last week.

Processor activity was fairly subdued this week, with 5.20%, or 464 head, of the sold offering being secured by processor buyers. Of the articles processors did buy, they were mainly interested in steer lines in the 280-330kg range.

The weaner steer-to-heifer price gap continues to widen, with weaner steers seeing a 22% price premium over their heifer counterparts this week. This is the highest gap recorded on AuctionsPlus since 2016.

Table 1: AuctionsPlus National Weekly Cattle Prices
Report: Interactive Market Dashboard


Steers registered a strong price rally this week, with prices increasing $25 - $345 across four of the categories, with only one category falling in price. Steers above 400kg represented the largest of the gains, with the 804 head lifting $345 to average $1,819/head. The category saw selective purchasing with a 38% clearance rate. From Walcha, NSW, a line of 75 Angus steers aged 20-22 months old and weighing 469kg returned $1,936/head, or 413c/kg liveweight, and will travel to a buyer in Orange, NSW.

Steers 280-330kg lifted $73 this week to average $1,179/head for the 2,173 head. Demand was strong for the mid-weight category with a 75% clearance rate. From Armidale, a line of 29 Angus steers aged 12 months old and weighing 323kg returned $1,260/head, or 390c/kg liveweight, and will travel to a buyer in NSW.

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Heifer prices were two up and two down this week, with 330-400kg heifers seeing the largest gains of $143 to average $1,212/head for the tight 607 head on offer. From Lake mundi, VIC a line of 126 Angus heifers aged 14 - 15 months and weighing 357kg returned $1,240/head, or 348c/kg lwt.

The most populous heifer category was the 200-280kg weight range with 2,080 head on offer, with the category seeing strong demand of 71%. Prices also were stronger this week, with the category lifting $19 on last week to average $771/head. From Walcha, NSW a line of 80 Angus heifers aged 9 - 10 months old and weighing 267kg returned $1,130/head, or 424c/kg lwt and will travel to a buyer in Walcha, NSW.

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Breeding stock

Breeding stock were mixed this week with four out of the seven categories recording price rises this week. The rises were led by SM cows which recorded a $288 weekly rise to average $1,821/head for the 996 head. From Lindenow South, VIC a line of 45 Angus cows aged 2 years old and weighing 505kg returned $2,170/head, or 430c/kg lwt and will travel to a buyer in Mungindi, QLD.

PTIC heifers saw 1,1226 on offer this week, with prices falling by $96/head to average $1,505/head. From Tamworth, NSW a line of 11 Angus/Angus heifers aged 24 to 26 months old and weighing 546kg returned $2020/head, or 370c/kg lwt and will travel to a buyer in Binnaway, NSW

Note: Prices as at 2pm Friday, 24th May 2024

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Table 1: AuctionsPlus National Cattle Prices

national table-Jun-07-2024-08-42-47-2042-AM

AuctionsPlus Angus Table

angus table-Jun-07-2024-08-42-56-9575-AM

AuctionsPlus Queensland Table

qld table-Jun-07-2024-08-43-07-2982-AM

listings weekly

state listings-Jun-07-2024-08-43-28-2695-AM

state purchases-Jun-07-2024-08-43-37-1553-AM

sold at auction

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