Weekly Cattle Comments - Week ending Thursday 28th March

28 March 2024
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A shortened week leading into Easter meant AuctionsPlus commercial cattle offerings fell to just 3,773 head. 
As of 5pm Thursday, 28 March, clearance was 64%, down from a final clearance last week of 72%. Value over reserve jumped to $172 compared to last week’s $76 and benchmark steers 280-330kg fell $59 to $1,129.

With the limited amount of stock traded on the platform, many of the key tables and indicators will not published this week.
Table 1: AuctionsPlus National Weekly Cattle Prices
Report: Interactive Market Dashboard


This week, the highest offerings were in the steer categories of 200-280kg and 280-330kg. 

Steers in the 200-28kg numbered 415 and saw a 66% clearance for a $3 per head price rise. From Wallangra, NSW a line of 129 Angus/Brahman Steer's aged 8 to 12 months and weighing 272kg returned $980/Head, or 360c/kg lwt and will travel to a buyer in Charleville, QLD.

The next largest category was Steers 280-330kg which saw a $45 per head drop for a 83% clearance on 301 head.
From Bethungra, NSW a line of 90 Angus Steers aged 7 to 8 months old and weighing 282kg returned $1,210/Head, or 428c/kg lwt and will travel to a buyer in Dirrabandii, QLD.


Just 677 heifers were listed on the platform this week. Sub 200kg and 330-400kg heifers were the main articles on offer but showed very different clearances. 

In the under 200kg range, prices averaged $572/head - up $57 from last week for a 100% clearance across the 226 head. From Bathurst, NSW a line of 104 Angus heifers aged 8 to 9 months and weighing 199.9kg returned $760/Head, or 380c/kg lwt and will travel to a buyer in Wagga Wagga, NSW.

Heifers 330-400kg averaged $950/head - down $97 from last week for a 25% clearance on the 212 head. 
From Tenterfield, NSW a line of 82 Angus/Charbray heifers aged 14 to 24 months and weighing 349kg returned $990/head, or 283c/kg lwt and will travel to a buyer in Meandarra, QLD.


Breeding stock

Breeding stock was the most listed category on AuctionsPlus this week with 3,773 head.

PTIC heifers enjoyed a $451 lift in average price per head on the 534 offered for a 59% clearance. From Armidale, NSW a line of 35 Santa Gertrudis heifers aged 18 to 28 months and weighing 440kg returned $2,120/Head, or 482c/kg lwt and will travel to a buyer in Rushes Creek, NSW.

PTIC Cows registered a smaller offering of 284 head and averaged $1,640/head - up $262 from last week for a 22% clearance. Prices ranged from 307 to 319c and averaged 313c/kg lwt.

From Wantabadgery, NSW a line of 13 Angus/Angus cows aged 6 to 6 years old and weighing 804kg returned $2020/head, or 251c/kg lwt and will travel to a buyer in Wodonga, VIC.

Note: Prices as at 5pm Thursday, 28th March 2024


Table 1: AuctionsPlus National Cattle Prices


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AuctionsPlus Queensland Table

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