Oli Le Lievre

Oli Le Lievre

Oli Le Lievre is the Content Marketing Manager with AuctionsPlus. Oli brings a varied background, he has worked in primary production in Australia and Canada before moving into agribusiness roles including Corporate Food/Agribusiness consulting as well as being the Business Development Manager for an Aussie AgTech specialising in supply chain traceability.



A century and beyond for Victoria River Downs

Iconic. It’s an overused word. An iconic building, person, period in time or event. We once heard a meme described as iconic and knew things had gone too far. But when it comes to Australian cattle stations worthy of the title, it’s hard to go past Victoria River Downs.

Future of Agriculture

Zanda McDonald Award – The learnings and friends from being involved

With many industry awards, the winners walk away with the accolades and opportunities while the other finalists or even those who apply miss a real chance to build their network, skills and find avenues available to them.