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Weekly Cattle Comments - 18.06.21

Underpinned by more rain in key areas and a renewed forecast for sustained wet conditions into the third quarter of 2021, overall supplies through AuctionsPlus contracted 20% on last week, to 11,684 head. As the young cattle market continued to soar this week, with the EYCI remaining above 900c/kg cwt, online clearance rates kicked higher, registering between 85-97% for the heaviest populated categories.

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Weekly Comments

Weekly Cattle Comments - 11.06.21

Some excellent falls of rain throughout the past week continued to underpin the unprecedented demand for light cattle, with the EYCI jumping back above 900c during the week. With total offerings through AuctionsPlus back 8% this week, to 14,522 head, prices increased for the mid-weight young steers, while the heavier end of the young heifer category registered steady price rises.

Weekly Comments

Weekly Sheep & Lamb Comments - 11.06.21

A 6 % increase in supply this week was registered for exclusive AuctionsPlus sheep and lamb listings, totalling 69,940 head – the second consecutive week of increased throughput. Prices fluctuated heavily, as supply and quality impacted prices. Joined ewes witnessed price increases across the majority of the indictive categories, while lambs reported an overall cheaper trend. Despite the cheaper market, clearance remained robust through the lamb categories, as reports of good rain across the eastern states helped fuel buyer demand.

Weekly Comments

Weekly Wool Comments - 11.06.21

This week saw solid gains across all micron prices with the finer wools again attracting the most demand. The AWEX Eastern Market Indicator made large gains this week, increasing 50c, to close out the week at 1,393c/kg or 1,078c in US dollar terms.

Weekly Comments

Weekly Cattle Comments - 04.06.21

There were some big price movements through the AuctionsPlus cattle categories this week, as the heavy steer and heifer lines took a substantial hit, while selected breeding lines registered steady gains. Overall offerings this week fell 21%, to 15,725 head, with some good falls through the eastern states simultaneously reducing supplies and refreshing buyer demand through the lighter lines, with clearance rates very high through the mid-weight steer lines.

Weekly Comments

Weekly Sheep & Lamb Comments - 04.06.21

As the first week of winter is almost in the rear-view mirror, AuctionsPlus sheep and lamb numbers increased 15% from the previous week, to see a total offering of 65,899 head - the first week-on-week increase in numbers since April. Quality feed in paddocks has supported ewe condition and preg scanning percentages, leading SIL Merino ewes to take the market by storm this week, with listings making up almost 20% of the weekly offering and prices averaging $47/head higher.

Weekly Comments

Weekly Goat Comments - 04.06.21

There was 1,938 goats listed in the AuctionsPlus National Goat Sale this week, with Rangeland bred goats dominating the throughput, with 1,672 head offered. Clearance for the week was 57%, up from 44% last week, with Boer goats in high demand with a 100% clearance rate from the 266 head on offer.