Rhys and Amy Innes: Beef Australia Stud Cattle & Genetics Auction

This week we spoke to Rhys and Amy Innes regarding the Inaugural Beef Australia Stud Cattle and Genetics Auction in the lead up to #Beef2021. Rhys and Amy started putting Angus bulls over Brahman cows roughly 15 years ago, however it wasn’t until three years ago that “we saw the light”, Rhys says, and recognised the impressive results from Brangus bulls.



Foodbank is Australia's largest food relief organisation, operating on a scale that makes it crucial to the work of the front line charities who are feeding vulnerable Australians. Foodbank provides more than 70% of the food rescued for food relief organisations nation-wide.



Grain Donations Helping our Regions

As the 20/21 harvest season becomes a distant memory, Foodbank is putting their hand up to work with growers and traders from across the country to get involved and support their grain donation program. Grain donations combined with industry support will help produce pantry staples for families and individuals doing it tough.


Food relief provides much-needed help to every day Aussies

In normal times, Foodbank provides essential food and grocery relief to more than 815,000 people across Australia every month who are experiencing food insecurity. These are not normal times and the charities that have been able to remain open during COVID-19 report that demand for food relief has been up 47% on average since the pandemic was declared.