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Teeah Bungey

Teeah Bungey

Teeah Bungey is a Commercial Operations team with AuctionsPlus who joined the business in January 2019 and then the AMI team in January 2020. Teeah grew up on a sheep and cropping farm in Borden, Western Australia.


Market Insights

Weights & Weighing Makes More Online

One of the main features of the AuctionsPlus selling platform is the individual weights provided on each offered line in the weekly commercial sales. To be eligible to be sold through AuctionsPlus, an assessed line of sheep and lambs requires a minimum of 10% to be assessed and weighed, while for cattle it is 50% assessed and weighed.

Market Insights

Shedding breeds providing opportunities in 2020

2020 continues to be the year for price records, as the flock rebuild takes place across the Eastern States of Australia. The demand for breeding ewes has significantly outweighed available supplies, consequently setting multiple price records. Scanned in lamb (SIL) first cross ewes set a record back in July, selling for $476/head, while more recently, Australian Whites with lambs at foot (LAF) sold for $493/head. Complementing the record ewe prices, shedding breed rams sold to exceptionally high prices and strong clearance rates throughout spring ram sales across the country.


September Market Wrap

Cattle - By Tom Rookyard pring has sprung and so did cattle numbers online. Numbers jumped by 19,000 in August to see 73,958 commercial cattle offered in September. The market appears to be holding as producers look towards the southern weaners sales with an 81% clearance rate across all sales. Southern Queensland was again the largest lister of cattle, closely followed by North West NSW and the Central West of NSW, making up 13%, 9% and 9% of the cattle offered online respectively.


Older cows providing opportunities for producers

The highly anticipated herd rebuild has been delayed until the end of 2020, according to Meat & Livestock Australia, as the number of females being slaughtered remains high. In spite of these recent projections, prices continue to hold as a favourable Spring is round the corner for many.


It’s like shares, but better….

The Merino wether has traditionally been an article purchased and traded in Australia for one simple reason: wool. More recently however, the versatility of the Merino wether in the sheep meat and live export market has seen the animal purchased for more than just the valuable fiber grown on their back.

Sheep & Lamb

West Australian Sheep Flock East

The year 2020 has so far provided many significant moments for the Australian agricultural industry; including widespread rainfall over the East of the country which has proven to be the catalyst for record breaking stock movements across Australia. Between 1st January through to 30th April, 696,200 Western Australian sheep have travelled through the Ceduna checkpoint in South Australia. Demand for WA livestock has also resulted in a spike in online listings as buyers look to take advantage of the availability of larger lines and freight efficiencies. The AuctionsPlus Market Insights team has investigated historical data for sheep purchased and listed in Western Australia to assess the impact the eastern market demand has on the use of the online platform for WA producers.