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The Difference Between Starts & Reserves when Selling Online

In recent years the online livestock auction system has experienced significant growth, becoming the first-choice marketing channel for many farmers across Australia. However, in line with the recent growth, the most efficient and practical way to market stock online is still being determined. 

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Market Insights

Eastern Season Spurring Cattle Movement from the West

When drought conditions started to ease across the eastern seaboard in early 2020, it spurred extensive cattle movement, as producers in the east looked as far as Western Australia to rebuild their herds after consecutive years of drought.

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2021 Starts with Ball Back in Sellers Court

The transparent and simple dynamics of the Auctions system is a great gauge of who holds the balance in a market at any time – be it housing, the share market or Australian cattle market. With too many buyers and too few sellers, both prices and clearance rates should increase – as was the case for cattle prices throughout 2020.

Market Insights

AuctionsPlus Statistical Review December - 2020

AuctionsPlus Statistical Review December - 2020 AuctionsPlus Market Insights

Market Insights

Shedding breeds providing opportunities in 2020

2020 continues to be the year for price records, as the flock rebuild takes place across the Eastern States of Australia. The demand for breeding ewes has significantly outweighed available supplies, consequently setting multiple price records. Scanned in lamb (SIL) first cross ewes set a record back in July, selling for $476/head, while more recently, Australian Whites with lambs at foot (LAF) sold for $493/head. Complementing the record ewe prices, shedding breed rams sold to exceptionally high prices and strong clearance rates throughout spring ram sales across the country.


The Stud Season That Was

The spring stud season has always been a busy period at AuctionsPlus with online connectivity featured at many stud sales across Australia. 2020 has seen very different circumstances at play forcing studs to adapt to new rules and restrictions in order to have their on-property sales.


Beef and Lamb worlds apart…. Or maybe not?

Over the course of 2020, we have seen the store market rise to new highs for both sheep and cattle. The combination of low supply and high demand created what is described as the ‘perfect storm’, resulting in record prices at the beginning of the year. For the cattle market, intense competition between restockers and processors has sustained the high prices.