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Fifth Generation Farming Family Flourishing Now and Into the Future

PUBLISHED Sun, 7 March 2021

fifth generation farming family flourishing now and into the future auctionsplus landfall angus

In a fifth generation farming family the pull to take on the business is usually pretty strong. For Frank Archer though it was more of a slow burn that’s turned into a roaring career with Landfall Angus, a family owned and operated business in the Tamar Valley, Northern Tasmania.

As the middle child in a family of five, Frank says he wasn’t immediately drawn into the agricultural world after finishing school. He loved the farm life but needed to try his hand at a few different things first. Eventually though, he decided agriculture was where he wanted to be - but a bit of travel had to come first.

Two years in New Zealand followed where he studied a diploma of farm management while working on a dairy farm and another Angus seedstock business on the South Island. The knowledge he acquired from the books was important but it was the on the job training that proved crucial.

“The most valuable part for me personally was the life experience,” he said.

“I was 23 and far enough away from home that I had to create a level of independence that has helped me grow and develop as an adult after that time.”

In 2007 Frank crossed the ditch and headed back home. He’s been working in the family business ever since and is now in partnership with his brother Ed. While their father Gerald has stepped back from the business management and principal role, he’s still involved in farm development.

A few years into the move back home, the family came to a turning point in their seedstock business. Whether to continue it or not was a hot topic; it was whether or not to pour their entire focus into it.

Whether through good fortune, good planning or good luck, it’s turned out to be a wise move.

“It's not only grown as a business overall but the seedstock business within the business is a much larger part of what we do and a bigger revenue stream than what it used to be,” Frank said.

“We've had a growing number of seedstock herd and subsequently bulls to market which has been fortunate because the Angus market’s been strong and we’ve been able to capture some of that.”

Maintaining their growth and increasing their bull numbers is important for Landfall. Frank says they don’t aim to be the cheapest bull supplier or the most expensive, but they strive to have the best value, over and above the price.

“The way we measure whether we are servicing our clients is if we continue to add value to our clients, we remain relevant,” he said.

“If we’re no longer adding value then we need to ask ourselves why and how can we return that value proposition.”

Having a point of difference in the marketplace genetically is also a challenge. With most Angus breeders having access to the same genetics, Landfall has had to think outside the box.

All Landfall bulls that sell at auction now have an automatic three month insurance cover, free of charge to clients. Frank says combined with the guarantee they offer on genetics, Landfall clients are now buying bulls at very low risk.

While he’s proud of the integrity and trust the Landfall brand has long been built on, Frank said its people who’ve helped shape their success.

“Growing up in a business that’s been involved in the Angus seedstock or stud industry, we’ve had the pleasure of being exposed to good people across the world and also here locally and interstate, and that’s critically important,” he said.

“I think the people side of the business is really one of the most rewarding elements.”

And while it’s a little too early to predict where the sixth generation of Landfall will take it, Frank’s hopes for his two young sons, daughter and another on the way, is that they have the grit, determination and solid work ethic that his father passed on to him.

“It would be nice to think Landfall would carry on into the future but these kids will live different lives to what we lived. Generations change and so does the expectation,” he said.

“All I can say is I know them growing up in the farming environment is probably as good an environment you can hope your kids could grow up in.

If we can equip them with the confidence and the knowledge to be able to make good decisions along the way, whatever age they might be, then I’m happy.”

For more on Landfall Angus visit:


Instagram: @landfallangus

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Fifth Generation Farming Family Flourishing Now and Into the Future

In a fifth generation farming family the pull to take on the business is usually pretty strong. For Frank Archer though it was more of a slow burn that’s turned into a roaring career with Landfall Angus, a family owned and operated business in the Tamar Valley, Northern Tasmania.


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The growing of a canola crop

Jim Honner This week's photo library focuses on growing the Canola crop. Canola is an important crop in the planting relation, with an estimated 550,000 hectares sown down in NSW alone in 2020. The oil that is extracted from the seed post harvest is commonly used for cooking, and in food processing plants. As well as being used in the production of bio diesel and bio plastics. Whilst the by-products which are left over after the seeds are crushed and the oil extracted include; animal feed pet food and fertiliser.

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Yarn: Merinos of the future set sail to Bruny Island

Anderson Merinos produces a sort of triple threat flock. Between carcase productivity, soft white wool (the average micron of the Andersons' ewe flock is 18.8) and fertility (lambing percentage is over 110%) their rams sell far and wide. In fact, a sire just landed on Bruny Island.


#MakingHay - Our favourite shots from the last five years

After spending a few days bouncing around on the tractor picking up baIes I thought it’d be fitting to dedicate this week’s photo library to ‘making hay’. Below you’ll find some of our favourite shots from the @ThankAFarmerForYourNextMeal instagram account from over the years.

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Cathy Hamilton Artworks

Located on her working beef property near Cootamundra NSW, the brand "Cathy Hamilton Artworks" has blossomed since its conception. With her art studio overlooking her country garden, the 60 year old artist draws inspiration from her surroundings.


#Harvest2020 - Check out some of the best harvest shots so far this year

With the 2020 harvest well and truly underway it is great to see the headers gradually moving south with many farmers across the country reaping the benefits of what has been an interesting year to say the least.

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Yarn: Taking the long way round; a look at one young woman’s journey back into agriculture

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Australia’s Future Farmers

My fondest childhood memories are all from growing up on our family farm west of Forbes in central west New South Wales. Whether it was helping dad move a mob of sheep, weighing cattle and writing down their weights, or helping him with the irrigation (mainly by holding the torch at that stage), these were all activities that majority of Australian’s will never get to experience in their lifetime.

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Yarn: Livestock routinely trucked “across Belgium” and back

Following a trend that is emerging across both cattle and sheep markets, buyers from South Australia and New South Wales drove up prices at the annual 'Back To The Wheatbelt’ sale in Western Australia this month.


A Modern Voice From The Bush

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