Stud cattle sale results: August 31 to September 5

PUBLISHED Wed, 6 September 2023

A rolling tally of all the results of sales interfaced by AuctionsPlus for the past 10 days.

Ardrossan Angus Westech Bull Sale

Top: $11,500

Top Lot: Lot 25 – Ardrossan Marlon Brando S570 – 24-month-old by Ardrossan Marlon Brando Q284 out of Ardrossan Japara P570

Average: $6,783

Sold: 30/49

Clearance: 61%

Location: Barcaldine, QLD

Date: Sept 5


Coota Park Blue-E Annual Production Sale 2023

Top: $16,000

Top Lot: Lot 30 – Coota Park Blue-E S274 – 24-month-old by Coota Park Blue-E Q008 out of Coota Park Blue-E P051

Average: $9,227

Sold: 44/54

Clearance: 100%

Location: Woodstock, NSW

Date: Sept 5


Eidsvold Charolais Bull Sale

Top: $28,000

Top Lot: Lot 3 – Clare Snoop Dog (P) (R/F) – 26-month-old by Moongool P747 (R/F) out of RNJ’s Liberty Gem (P)

Average: $11,313

Sold: 64/64

Clearance: 100%

Location: Eidsvold, QLD

Date: Sept 5


Kunuma Angus Spring Sale

Top: $11,000

Top Lot: Lot 7 – Kunuma S129 – 24-month-old by Rennylea N542 out of Kunuma L133

Average: $7,828

Sold: 29/39

Clearance: 74%

Location: Adaminaby, NSW

Date: Sept 5


Dawson Valley Santa Gertrudis Sale

Top: $18,000

Top Lot: Lot 14 – Annabranch Turn N Burn T80 – 23-month-old by Glenn Oaks Quartermaine Q74 (P) out of Annabranch L39

Average: $9,327

Sold: 49/52

Clearance: 94%

Location: Taroom, QLD

Date: Sept 5


Lambert Bull Sale

Top: $21,000

Top Lot: Lot 2 – Acton S49 – 24-month-old Charbray by Acton J500 out of an Acton herd cow.

Average: $7,377

Sold: 53/58

Clearance: 91%

Location: Blackall, QLD

Date: Sept 4


Springwaters Angus Sale

Top: $12,000

Top Lots:

  • Lot 1 – Springwaters Paratrooper T6 – 16-month-old by Millah Murrah Paratrooper P15 out of Springwaters Dream R4

  • Lot 9 – Springwaters Rector T22 – 14-month-old by Millah Murrah Rector R53 out of Springwaters Prue P2

Average: $7,864

Sold: 22/27

Clearance: 81%

Location: Boorowa, NSW

Date: Sept 4


Cree Santa Gertrudis Sale

Top: $54,000

Top Lot: Lot 55 – Cree T042 (PS) – 22-month-old by Rosevale Jackaroo P316 (P) out of Cree R019 (P)

Average: $11,956


Clearance: 100%

Location: Thangool, QLD

Date: Sept 4


2nd annual Grassdale Estate Angus Spring Bull Sale

Top: $7,500

Top Lot: Lot 2 – Grassdale Estate Colossal T5 – 16-month-old by Musgrave 316 Colossal 137 out of Grassdale Estate Momentous Q2

Average: $5,719

Sold: 16/16

Clearance: 100%

Location: Hamilton, Vic

Date: Sept 4


JAK Production Sale

Top: $12,000

Top Lot: Lot 3 – Jambili Salakaia-Loto – 26-month-old by Jambili Nonu out of Bolinda Jane

Average: $4,840


Clearance: 45%

Location: Bell, QLD

Date: Sept 4


Rosskin Angus Bull Sale

Top: $17,000

Top Lot: Lot 24 – Rosskin Moe T02 – 18-month-old by Chiltern Park Moe M6 out of Rosskin Karen Q74

Average: $8,800

Sold: 20/30

Clearance: 67%

Location: Dalgety, NSW

Date: Sept 4


Jarrah Genetics ‘Bred to Perform’ Bull Sale 2023

Top: $20,000

Top Lot: Lot 53 – Jarrah Red S544 (AI) (ET) (P) – 24-month-old Composite by Jarrah Red 8286 (P) out of Jarrah Red 5001 (S)

Average: $7,705

Sold: 61/72

Clearance: 85%

Location: Banana, QLD

Date: Sept 4

Dunlop Santa Sire Sale 2023 

Top: $47,500  

Top Lot:  Lot 4 – Dunlop T226 (PP) – 24-month-old by Glenn Oaks Magnate M81 (P) out of Dunlop N195 (P) 

Average: $12,728 

Sold: 125/125 

Clearance: 100% 

Location: Proston, QLD 

Date: Sept 2 


Tandara Angus Bull Sale 

Top: $7,500 

Top Lot:  Lot 13 – Tandara Power Point T42 – 12-month-old by S Powerpoint WA 5503 out of Tandara Progress P4 

Average: $4,536 

Sold: 14/36 

Clearance: 39% 

Location: Dorrigo, NSW 

Date: Sept 2 


Reiland Angus 2023 Spring Bull Sale 

Top: $36,000 

Top Lot:  Lot 52 – Reiland Titanic T161 – 19-month-old by Reiland Kiwi K201 out of Reiland Max Cap N229 

Average: $10,976 

Sold: 68/75 

Clearance: 91% 

Location: Tumut, NSW 

Date: Sept 1 


The Glen 53rd Annual Angus Bull Sale 

Top: $16,000  

Top Lot:  Lot 1 – The Glen Quarterback T8 – 18-month-old by Murdeduke Quarterback Q011 out of The Glen H422 N150  

Average: $8,897 

Sold: 58/60 

Clearance: 97% 

Location: Walwa, Vic 

Date: Sept 1 


Broadwater Angus 2nd Annual Bull Sale 

Top: $14,000  

Top Lot:  Lot 9 – Broadwater Wayfarer S55 – 24-month-old by Ferguson Trailblazer 239E out of Lawsons KI Judd N6502 

Average: $7,538 

Sold: 26/44 

Clearance: 59% 

Location: Warwick, QLD 

Date: Sept 1 


Redbank Angus Inaugural Bull Sale 

Top: $13,500  

Top Lot:  Lot 24 – Redbank Chisum T88 – 15-month-old by S Chisum 255 out of Redbank Dream Q79 

Average: $8,580 

Sold: 25/27 

Clearance: 93% 

Location: Cowra, NSW 

Date: Sept 1 


Kianma Poll Herefords Spring Spectacular  

Top: $5,000 

Top Lots:   

  • Lot 1 – Kianma Signature S007 (PP) – 24-month-old by Allendale Gambler L143 (P) out of Kerlson Pines Last Day L24 (P) 

  • Lot 5 – Kianma Special Forces S011 (P) – 23-month-old by Eathorpe Precision P040 (AI) (ET) (S) out of Columbian Dewcrop H76 (P) 

Average: $5,000 

Sold: 2/12 

Clearance: 17% 

Location: Forbes, NSW 

Date: Sept 1 


Yulgilbar Annual Production Sale 

Top: $80,000 

Top Lot:  Lot 3 - Yulgilbar Springsteen S032 (PP) – 25-month-old by Waco Pioneer P110 (P) out of Yulgilbar J027 (AI) (P) 

Average: $9,982 

Sold: 55/75 

Clearance: 73% 

Location: Baryulgil, NSW 

Date: Sept 1 


Gunyah Herefords 54th Annual Bull Sale in conjunction with Viewfield Herefords 

Top: $6,000 

Top Lot:  Lot 20 – Gunyah Joker S266 (P) – 24-month-old by Yavenvale Napoleon N421 (AI (PP) out of Gunyah Loyal K229 (P) 

Average: $4,773 

Sold: 11/25 

Clearance: 44% 

Location: Cooma, NSW 

Date: Sept 1 


Banquet Angus Spring Bull Sale 

Top: $42,000 

Top Lot:  Lot 4 – Banquet Top Deck T020 – 19-month-old by Banquet Nuttella N462 out of Ayrvale Mittagong L23 

Average:  $15,531 

Sold: 32/32 

Clearance: 100% 

Location: Mortlake, VIC 

Date: Sept 1 


Rennylea Spring Angus Bull Sale 

Top: $40,000 

Top Lots:  

  • Lot 2 – 25-month-old by Rennylea K907 out of Rennylea N864 

  • Lot 25 - 25-month-old by Rennylea Q1027 out of Rennylea Q926 

Average: $14,707 

Sold: 215/216 

Clearance: 99% 

Location: Culcairn, NSW 

Date: Aug 31 

Granite Ridge Spring Bull Sale 

Top: $10,000  

Top Lot:  Lot 5 – Granite Ridge Superbowl S413 – 24-month-old by Murdeduke Quarterback Q011 out of Granite Ridge Myola Q412 

Average: $6,528 

Sold: 18/32 

Clearance: 56% 

Location: Avenue Range, SA 

Date: Aug 31 


Futurity Pastoral Bull Sale 

Top: $70,000  

Top Lot:  Lot 5 – Futurity Shiraz S601 – by Damo Park Tipperary M022 out of Futurity Kokoda’s Augusta N28 


Average: $10,446 

Sold: 84/101 

Clearance: 83% 

Location: Baradine, NSW 

Date: Aug 31 


Ben Nevis Angus Bull Sale 

Top: $45,000 

Top Lot:  Lot 29 – Ben Nevis Tribune T302 – 24-month-old by Ben Nevis Rambo R230 out of Ben Nevis Geranium P370 

Average: $11,365 

Sold: 74/76 

Clearance: 97% 

Location: Walcha, NSW 

Date: Aug 31 


Hopgood Charolais Bull Sale 

Top: $18,000  

Top Lot:  Lot 12 – Hopgood Steadfast (P) (R/F) – 23-month-old by Palgrove Hallmark (AI) (P) (R/F) out of Hopgood Bronwin 49 

Average: $8,909 

Sold: 33/42 

Clearance: 79% 

Location: Clermont, QLD 

Date: Aug 31 




Irrigators and river communities plan day of protest

Widespread demonstrations will take place next week as basin communities, farmers and farming organisations protest the Albanese Government’s water bill.


MLA launches new indicators with AuctionsPlus data

AuctionsPlus has partnered with Meat and Livestock Australia to release two new indicators to help market participants stay informed.

Property Roundup: $100m Border Rivers aggregation

A mammoth southern Queensland dryland and irrigated cropping portfolio is being offloaded by a Chinese investor, as another Holbrook holding hits the market. Plus a carbon investors snaps up NT cattle country. Read on to see what else has happened in property this week.

David Jochinke elected president of the National Farmers’ Federation

Victorian grain and livestock producer David Jochinke has been elected president of the National Farmers’ Federation, succeeding Fiona Simson who steps down after seven years in the role.

Fiona Simson on the future for farmers

As her tenure draws to a close, Fiona Simson has reflected on her seven years at the helm of the nation’s peak farmer lobby group.


'Rollout rage’: the climate battle dividing regional Australia

In August, Victoria’s Planning Minister Sonya Kilkenny made a decision that could set a difficult precedent for Australia’s effort to get to net-zero emissions by 2050. The decision shocked many clean energy developers.


LISTEN: Your network is your net worth with Richard Rains

Knowledge sharing has long been part of the fabric of agriculture, but the weave looks a little different these days.

Rural Bank's latest farmland index: See how your region is performing

Rural Bank's latest survey of farmland values has shown transactions have fallen to their lowest level in 28 years, with the lender predicting flat or declining prices going forward.

Organisations & Not For Profits

CEF success story inspires critical new partnership with AuctionsPlus

AuctionsPlus Market Operator Team Leader and Country Education Foundation of Australia (CEF) alumni, Millie George, has given back to the foundation that supported her through her studies, by inspiring a new partnership that will see AuctionsPlus work together to support regional and rural youth and communities.


Irrigating Australia’s deserts won’t increase rainfall, new modelling shows

For generations, Australians have been fascinated with the idea of turning our inland deserts green with lush vegetation.


Fashioning a legacy through the generations

On just over 100 picturesque acres in Victoria’s Western District, there is a changing of the guard happening.


LISTEN: Aligning families, growing wealth & protecting legacies with Chloe Arthur

Beyond operational handovers, Ben explores the intricate process of preparing the next generation to take over the family business (or resulting wealth) successfully.


Stud cattle sale results 28 September - 4 October

A rolling tally of cattle stud auctions interfaced by AuctionsPlus over the past week.

34 trucks on way to Upper Hunter with 1200 bales of hay

A convoy of 34 trucks are well on their way to NSW’s Upper Hunter region loaded with hay valued at $114,000 to help farmers and their communities experiencing dry conditions and recovering from fires.


The innovative livestock financier helping producers reach full capacity

As below-average market and seasonal conditions take hold of the livestock industry, producers are being urged to remember one key point they can take to the bank - the underlying fundamentals and long-term trend of the red meat industry is incredibly positive.

Opinion: Australia is diverging from the world on carbon offsetting

We have seen significant income and impact generated in Australia both in voluntary carbon markets and under the Australian ACCU Scheme. As impressive as these results are, they also appear to be in contrast with carbon trends elsewhere in the world.

Sheep & Lamb

Govt creating a socio-economic disaster "for the sake of crumbs from the activists' table"

Farmers are losing confidence in a government that is "marching to the beat of the activists' drum", with 23 industry groups making that clear in a letter addressed to Prime Minister Anthony Albanese on Thursday.

Research and Development

Soil Survey: Your help needed

The University of Sydney and the Australian Farm Institute are undertaking research to deliver a process to measure human connectivity to soil. Although this is a key indicator of soil security, there is currently no way to measure this.


USDA to pay $2.75 billion to weather affected farmers

The US Department of Agriculture has offered to compensate farmers who lost production due to wildfires and droughts over the past three years, with $US1.75 billion to be distributed.

Stud cattle sale results 21 Sept - 27 Sept

A rolling tally of cattle stud auctions interfaced by AuctionsPlus over the past week.

Market Insights

Opinion: Is it time for farmers to work together?

Episode3 analyst Andrew Whitelaw has posed an idea that's "a bit lefty", but also "a sensible capitalist task" that could increase the resources of farmer representatives whilst potentially decreasing the impact of the cost of living for everyday Australians.


Ben Law: How listening to your intuition could save your life

Trudie Payne, with her husband Liam, manages a successful grazing operation in the heart of central Queensland. Her life took an unexpected turn in 2018 when she was diagnosed with one of the most aggressive forms of Melanoma despite being the picture of fitness, happiness, health and drive.


What widespread Varroa mite will mean for ag

The federal government body in charge of pest control has announced Australia will abandon efforts on eradicating the Varroa mite.


Albanese government faces uphill road and angry locals amid renewables rollout

Fire fear is gripping many Australians, with extremely high temperatures for September.


Costa Group agrees to discounted $1.5bn takeover

Listed fruit and vegetable company, Costa Group will go private after its board accepted a revised offer from US-based private equity firm Paine Schwartz Partners for $3.20 per share.

Investors see 'natural capital' impacting farmland prices, communities

One of the country’s largest landholders has warned that the massive appetitive for investment into the carbon space is putting local communities on edge and risks overwhelming food production.


Absolute Angus sires a 'no brainer' purchase for commercial producers

Selecting and using the best genetics the industry has to offer each year is by no means a cheap endeavour, but it’s an investment that continues to pay dividends for Absolute Angus, the stud’s clients and, ultimately, the end consumer.

Carbon Credits

Carbon project provider GreenCollar bought in $800m deal

GreenCollar, who designs and runs carbon abatement projects on behalf of landowners, has been sold to giant Canadian pension fund Ontario Teachers.


Stud cattle sale results: September 14 to 20

A rolling tally of all the results of sales interfaced by AuctionsPlus for the past week.

Sheep & Lamb

Poll Dorset lambs ticking boxes in all market conditions

Having a product that will stand the test of time in all market conditions is easier said than done in the agriculture industry, but it appears lambs from Poll Dorset sires are ticking all the boxes.


Why the NFF is bringing a Dutch farm activist to Australia

Mounting pressure on emissions reductions has pushed Dutch farmers to the brink, according to National Farmers' Federation CEO Tony Mahar, who says Australians have much to learn from the pushback.


Property Roundup: Historic Holbrook station in $40m listing

Storied assets, premier irrigation country and an 82,000 hectare holding are leading the property pops this week: read on to see the pick of the listings.


Stud cattle sale results: September 6 to Sept 13

A rolling tally of all the results of sales interfaced by AuctionsPlus for the past 10 days.


Commodity prices and seasonal conditions driving industry confidence down

National rural confidence has dropped to the fourth-lowest level in two decades, as increasing concerns about lower commodity prices and the prospect of a return to drought conditions weighs on producers.


Flower farmer named 2023 AgriFutures Rural Women’s Award winner

Flower farmer, tech entrepreneur and co-founder of Grown Not Flown, Nikki Davey has been named the 2023 AgriFutures Rural Women’s Award Winner for her work in creating a digital platform and app connecting flower farmers and consumers, globally.


How current cattle, sheep and pig prices stack up against historic values

We’ve seen some big swings in cattle prices in Australia over the past few years and with updated consumer price indicators from the ABS for the June 2023 quarter, we are able to run the numbers on deflated cattle prices to see how current levels stack up to historic values, when we convert all the older prices to a current dollar value in $/head.


Full list of this year's Nuffield Scholars

Nuffield Australia has announced a bumper crop of 2024 scholars, with five extra spaces added to the program thanks to the Australian Government's Future Drought Fund.


Nalinga offers rare farm-buying opportunity on Flinders Island

A rare opportunity to secure prime grazing country on pristine Flinders Island has presented itself, with the listing of Nalinga.

Ben Law: The future of the beef industry with David Foote, Paul Harker & Kari Moffatt

In the latest episode of The Financial Bloke, Ben sits down with David Foote, the President of Cattle Australia; Paul Harker, the Chief Commercial Officer of Woolworths; and Kari Moffat, the Sustainability Manager of AAM Investment Group and a member of the Australian Beef Sustainability Group Steering Group.


Indonesia lifts live export ban

Live exports of cattle to Indonesia can recommence following an agreement between Australian and Indonesian officials to resume trade.


Cattle Australia CEO Luke Bowen to step down due to health concerns

Luke Bowen, chief executive officer of Cattle Australia (CA), has resigned from his position due to health issues. His resignation is effective immediately.

Stud cattle sale results: August 31 to September 5

A rolling tally of all the results of sales interfaced by AuctionsPlus for the past 10 days.


Malaysia lifts suspension, Indonesia still deliberating on LSD report

Malaysia has lifted the temporary suspension of live cattle and buffalo exports from Australia, but Indonesia remains unmoved on the issue.


New global report finds the cost of biological invasions is quadrupling every decade

Invasive alien species are driving biodiversity loss and extinctions in every country, all over the world.


Goat industry productivity bolstered by $3.7m genetics project

Helping goatmeat producers achieve productivity gains through informed genetic selection decisions in the same way beef and sheep producers can is among the key aims of a new $3.7 million research and development project.


Australia's largest Case IH dealer bought by US-based Titan for $97m

Powerhouse dealer group Titan Machinery has entered the Australian market with an agreement to purchase O'Connors, in a cash deal reportedly worth US$63 million (A$97m).


Blue-ribbon NSW holdings hit the market with hefty pricetags

Several high-quality holdings have hit the market in New South Wales in the past week, including the Singaporean-owned Wyuna, which is expected to attract offers in the $30 million range.


Farmers to start feeling pressure to report on emissions

Coles’ recent announcement that it expects 75% of its suppliers by spend to set science-based emissions targets is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the incoming pressure on ag producers to report on their carbon footprint, according to a leading fund manager.


Why grain premiums are rising in South Queensland

It seems like the good times are coming to an end. We had two years of terrible drought, followed by three years of excellent production across most of Australia. It was only a matter of time, but it seems the times of high production are turning. ABARES is due to release an update in September; it will be for falling production.

Sheep & Lamb

'Covetable' Garnett SheepMaster parent stud hits the market

The opportunity to acquire control of the foundation genetics of a high-performing sheep breed has presented itself, with the Garnett SheepMaster Stud being brought to market.


LambEx returning with AuctionsPlus as major partner

Australia’s largest sheep and lamb exhibition, LambEx, is set to return, with AuctionsPlus signing on as premium digital media partner.


Riding the market waves with top-quality progeny from Circle 8 sires

The old adage of ‘you can sell anything in a good market, but only quality sells in a bad one’ is well and truly on display in the current cattle market.


Consumption declining, but support for red meat producers grows

Overall red meat consumption may be in decline due to cost, but perceptions about the industry are going in the opposite direction.


Talbalba Kingswood T011 reigns supreme at $102,000

It was an emotional day at the office for Steve and Deb Reid at their Talbalba Herefords sale at Millmerran on Thursday, with the $102,000 sale of Talbalba Kingswood T011 (PP).


Biosecurity Levy: greater transparency needed

Producers can now have their say on how the Labor government's controversial new biosecurity protection levy should be applied.


Earnings Season: What Coles and Woolies are seeing in food

Reporting season is in full swing with some of Australia's largest companies delivering their annual results to the market. Here's what Coles and Woolworths are revealing about their operations.

Sheep & Lamb

Consistency and rapid growth drives Poll Dorset demand

As sheep meat producers seek to improve the efficiency and productivity of their operations, one breed is emerging as a key to success.


Iconic Trentham hits the market in Southern Tablelands region

One of the Goulburn district’s most iconic and highly-regarded rural holdings has hit the market, after five years of significant capital works by the current owners.


Opinion: What Victoria's buyback rejection means for Murray-Darling Basin Plan

Federal Minister for Water Tanya Plibersek announced a new agreement to restore Australia’s largest and most important river basin. It comes just months before the original Murray-Darling Basin Plan was to be completed.


Argentina banned beef exports, then changed its mind

As the country faces rampant inflation amid a currency collapse, nervous officials banned beef exports for 15 days, before rolling the ban back.


Big-ticket holdings hit the market as banana and pork giants sell up

The rural property market is showing no signs of slowing down, with well-known families across Far North and southern Queensland among those bringing historic holdings to market this week.


The fine art of producing an exceptional Wagyu eating experience

Consistently delivering premium returns and an exceptional eating experience, there’s no doubt Wagyu has earned favour with producers and consumers alike.


How El Niño in SE Asia will affect commodity prices

A new report by Singapore-based investment bank DBS has concluded that an El Nino event will have a significant impact on the agricultural output of ASEAN countries, driving up food inflation.

BushAgri releases Top Studs index

Bush Agribusiness, the Toowoomba-based financial advisory firm behind the triennial Australian Beef Report, has released a new publication identifying what they believe are the country's top stud producers.


AuctionsPlus appoints Wyn Snyman as CEO

Wyn Snyman has been appointed as the new chief executive officer of AuctionsPlus.


Why Robert Mackenzie thinks Thunderstruck is the “bull of the century”

Robert Mackenzie surprised even himself by sending the all-breeds record into the stratosphere late last month.


WATCH: Why water could go to $200 a megalitre

Irrigators have been advised to start snapping up water as nervous farmers start stressing about El Niño. Ben Williams, Principal at Aither says that if drier than average conditions take hold prices could go much higher, even after a recent surge.


Rural property wrap: see the new average price per hectare in your state

Continued low transactions of rural property is pointing to strong confidence within Australian agriculture, even amid the pain of falling commodity prices and rising interest rates.


LISTEN: The new depreciation rules affecting your next machinery upgrade

In this episode, we delve into the tax trap that will affect many farmers and graziers when purchasing new machinery.


Outstanding Woonallee Toronto T274 hits breed record $55,000

Another breed record has tumbled, this time at the Woonallee Simmentals bull sale at Tamworth on Wednesday.


Rates on hold but debt management key

Interest rates may have stayed on hold for the second straight month, but leading agribusiness advisors say there's no time to wait for a financial review and reset.


Queensland Investment Corporation acquires final Packhorse Pastoral property

The last property in the Packhorse Pastoral Company portfolio has been acquired by Queensland Investment Corporation, in a deal reportedly worth upwards of $30 million.


More bulls and lower average prices make for a buyer's market

The 'doom and gloom' cattle market and seasonal outlook doesn't appear to be putting a huge dampener on the bull market, with early spring sales off to a solid start.


LSD detection 'no cause for concern', Indo trade remains open

The detection of lumpy skin disease in Australian cattle in Indonesia has been labelled as "no cause for concern", with government and industry groups reaffirming Australia remains free of the disease.


The mental war on Australia's farmers

The recent Norco-commissioned National Farmers’ Federation report on National Farmer Wellbeing 2023 made me think about my own journey as a psychologist in rural Australia over the past 17 years.


Texas Thunderstruck T383 sells for Australian all breeds record $360,000

The Mayne family has sold Texas Thunderstruck T383 for a whopping $360,000 to set a new Australian all breeds record.


Australia lags as China dominates gene tech gains in ag

One of the world’s leading researchers into livestock genetics believes Australia, and much of the western world, is at risk of being left in China’s wake when it comes to advancing food production with gene editing.


Wheat prices rally 18% amid Black Sea turmoil

Wheat prices have rallied back to recent highs following further tensions in the Black Sea, however analysts say the market is a lot less concerned now than it was in 2022.


Outstanding properties on offer, as premier holdings change hands on and off market

A large-scale dryland cropping portfolio located in the tightly-held Avon region of Western Australia has hit the market, with expectations it will generate offers of more than $35 million.


LISTEN: How drones are transforming agriculture

A fourth-generation grazier from north-west Queensland and the founder of SkyKelpie, Luke Chaplain's expertise in drone mustering has made him a leading authority in the field.


Top AuctionsPlus assessors named

The assessors and their teams with the highest throughput on AuctionsPlus have been named, with the announcement of the AuctionsPlus Awards for the 2023 financial year.

Sheep & Lamb

Greater focus on lamb eating quality imperative for market growth

The strong global demand for high quality sheepmeat and a sheep flock that has reached its highest level since 2007 has analysts pointing to the huge opportunities for Australian producers, but challenges abound too.


US Dept. of Ag to invest $300m to track farm carbon emissions

$US300 million program to improve measurement and reporting of ag greenhouse gasses and carbon sequestration is like 'moving the deck chairs on the Titanic' unless it solves for methane and nitrogen, according to a leading expert on farm emissions.


Young agents thrive under Nutrien training

Alkira Riley loves helping people. The Nutrien Ag Solutions agent from Leongatha was always keen to get stuck in on the dairy farm run by her parents and grandmother, and that helping-hand attitude continues to motivate her today.


Aileron Station and Oolloo Farm on the market in central Australia

A large-scale cattle breeding and fodder production opportunity has hit the market in central Australia.


LISTEN: Aligning family values for farm success

Business coach and co-founder of The Farm Owners Academy, Andrew Roberts, joined me in our latest episode for a fascinating discussion around the power of shared values in aligning families for success.

Climate change threatens to cause ‘synchronised harvest failures’

New evidence suggests climate-related changes to the jet stream could trigger simultaneous extreme weather events in multiple locations, with serious implications for global food security.

Sheep & Lamb

EU trade deal stalls over beef, lamb access and naming restrictions

Pop open a Prosecco and fang on some Feta. The EU trade deal is blocatto.


Central Queensland graziers go beyond carbon neutral

The first Australian carbon credit units generated under a digitally enabled model have been issued to the Fysh Carbon Project at Mount Tom near Gladstone.

Sheep & Lamb

Sheep flock flourishes post-drought to hit 78.75 million head

Australia’s sheep flock and its breeding ewe numbers have reached their highest levels since 2007, following three consecutive years of above-average rainfall in sheep regions.


Attracting and retaining staff, as govt makes a ‘shambles’ of the workforce

As historically low unemployment rages on, concerns about the labour shortfall in regional Australia and how to attract and retain good staff are reaching a crescendo.


Drought preparation and fire mitigation crucial ahead of El Nino event

As Australia stares down an impending summer of below average rainfall and possible heatwaves and bushfires, producers are being warned to prepare themselves as much as possible.

Sheep & Lamb

Drought-resilient saltbush variety yielding greater wool and meat production

An elite variety of Oldman Saltbush that has yielded greater wool and meat production is being planted in the hundreds of thousands across Australia’s south-east this winter.


Producer demonstration project exploring how soil carbon can contribute to CN30

Australia’s largest soil carbon project holder has put forward three properties for a research project looking at the viability of soil carbon farming across the country.


Lawson Grains may convert some cropping areas to livestock

The massive Lawson Grains portfolio, with 90,000 hectares across NSW and WA, may see some of its cropping land converted to livestock production as owner New Forests looks to drive asset appreciation via natural capital improvements.


Rates on hold but more pain to come, as experts say cashflow is critical

The decision by the Reserve Bank to hold interest rates steady this month would have been a relief to many, but producers are under no illusions that we've seen the peak.


Torrumbarry Farms Aggregation expected to make over $60 million

An institutional-scale irrigated mixed farming and horticultural development opportunity in the Loddon Mallee region of northern Victoria has hit the market, bringing with it significant water entitlements.


Telstra inks deal with Starlink to improve rural connectivity

Telstra has signed an agreement with Elon Musk's Starlink in a bid to improve connectivity options for rural and remote customers in Australia.

The Murray-Darling Basin shows why the ‘social cost of water’ concept won’t work

A 'social cost of water' proposes valuing all types of water, including rain. But it is incredibly difficult to measure, let alone enforce.