Meet our Buy from the Bush Suppliers for Beef Australia

PUBLISHED Mon, 3 May 2021

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Untitled DesignOver the last few weeks, we have been speaking to our suppliers for Beef Week from ‘Buy From the Bush’. Each business will be featured at our stand during the week of #Beef2021. The stubby holders for our networking drinks will feature artworks from Ellie Morris Photography and The Heuston Herd. We will also be offering snacks at the AuctionsPlus stand from Middle of Nowhere Creations, Urbino Ag, and Murrungundy Pistachios.

Ellie Morris Photography

A love for life on the farm saw born and bred country girl Ellie Morris, from Perenjori WA capture the beauty through the lens of the rural landscape. In between work on the farm, Ellie makes the most of her photography skills by capturing the stunning scenery of her home.

“I love what I do and been able to capture the essence of my work and home in one photograph is really special”.

Ellie can’t wait for the opportunity to travel to the Kimberly's and Northern Territory to shoot the amazing waterfalls, rock formations, and thunderstorms which Ellie finds very captivating.

“Thunderstorms are my favorite subject matter to capture, and the wet season storms would create a striking photo especially with lightning”.

Copy of Copy of Copy of Untitled Design

Perenjori, Western Australia 

Instagram: @elliemorrisau

Buy from the Bush: @elliemorris

Website: @elliemorrisphotography

Murrengundy Pistachios 

Murrungundy Pistachios is a family business run by Richard and Diana Barton on their farm, their daughter Lucy is the 5th generation on Murrungundy.

Located at Elong Elong, between Dubbo and Dunedoo, in Central Western NSW, the Barton’s run a cattle and cropping property and began research into growing pistachio nuts back in 1978.

“As there weren’t many pistachio nuts grown in Australia, we decided, pistachio nuts was the crop for us”.

While it took 12 years and a lot of trial and error for the 4,000 trees to deliver their first commercial harvest, the Barton’s orchard is going from strength to strength.

“We have a unique range of products, Natural, Salted, Salt & Pepper, Salt & Vinegar, Curried and Chilli Pistachios, Pistachio Dukkah, Fig & Pistachio Jam, Red Tomato & Pistachio Relish and Pistachio Trail Mix”.

"Keep an eye on the shelves as we are always researching and developing new products. We guarantee that no matter how sophisticated your tastes are, you are sure to enjoy our Pistachio Nut products".

Copy of Copy of Untitled Design

Elong Elong, NSW

Instagram: @murrungundypistachios

Buy from the Bush: @murrungundy-pistachios

Website: @murrungundypistachios

Middle of Nowhere Creations

Creator and founder of ‘Middle of Nowhere Creations’, Kahlia Mickan found inspiration from her overgrown garden full of home grown produce.

In 2016 Kahlia taught herself the art of preserving which later led to numerous creations and recipes ranging from sweet, savoury, and spicy products.

“We are determined to produce products that are preservative and chemical free and sourced from our garden”.

Living 250km from the nearest town, bulk orders are made with only 3-4 trips a year to Townsville, I guess you could say organisation is key.

“It is a full time job keeping on top of the veggie garden, but no greater satisfaction than producing quality products where I have grown the produce myself…The tomato relish is definitely a hit in our house and is our most popular product to sell”.

Copy of Untitled Design (1)

Hughenden, NSW

Facebook: @middleofnowherecreations

Buy from the Bush: @middleofnowherecreations

Website: @middleofnowherecreations

The Heuston Herd

A love for cows and agriculture later saw the founder of the Heuston Herd, Penny Heuston painting these bovine beauties. With a little encouragement from a marketing friend…” more like she dragged me kicking and screaming into it and set up my website for me,” Heuston Herd was created!!

“Buy from the bush has been amazing for me. I am so proud of it, it was set up here in my local town by a friend Grace Brennan when the drought was at its height. Wow, what a success it has been!!

"I owe them so much for all they have done for my business. It has allowed me not to feel guilty when I paint on a ‘school day’, as now my artwork is a legitimate income stream in its own right and I try and paint 1.5 days per week”.

Penny’s favourite artwork from her collection is Bob from Burma. Penny met this cow whilst in Myanmar. “His owner adored him and I can see why, he came up to me for a big cuddle”.

Copy of Untitled Design (2)

Warren, NSW

Instagram: @theheustonherd

Buy from the Bush: @theheustonherd

Website: @theheustonherd

Urbino Ag

Urbino Ag is a small family business founded in 2015, offering a range of homemade pecan goods along with bee products. Since Maureen and her husband bought their small farm in 2010, they have been conscious of living a more sustainable lifestyle.

“We have four large pecan trees and in a good year, they produce a lot of nuts...These nuts were the beginning of our journey...We now buy nuts from two pecan farms in the valley and that makes a selection of lovely pecan products”.

Maureen also became a beekeeper at the end of 2015 where she now stocks honey, beeswax wraps and handmade soaps through extracting, bottling and cleaning the wax.

“In terms of our food products, I would say I love my pecan choc chip cookies the most as I have been making them since I was eighteen...People have always told me I should sell them and I have now been doing so for over five years”.

“I get up very early on weekends to make fresh products to sell in my local street stall...I never get tired of it...It is really a passion...I love it when customers tell me how much they enjoy our products”.

Untitled design (3)-1

St Albans, NSW

Facebook: @urbinoag

Website: @urbinoag

BFTB X AuctionsPlus

Image from iOS (8)-1IMG_0887Image from iOS (59)



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Established Herd Presents a Unique Opportunity for the Beef Industry

It’s been a year of success so far for the Australian beef industry, record high prices, improving seasonal conditions and a strong demand for quality genetics all supporting the sentiment that it’s a great time to be in the industry.

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LISTEN: From Rugby to the Ranch, Chasing Gold in Tokyo

If you're a fan of Rugby union these next two names should be fairly familiar to you. Lewis Holland and Charlotte Caslick are both primed for their second Olympic games, Charlotte is an Olympic gold medalist after winning gold with the Women’s 7s team at Rio in 2016. What makes these two, extra special is their affiliation to farming and the path that they have been on since they turned their dreams into a reality by purchasing a property in 2016.

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Unique Wedding Gift Sparks Century of Breeding Success

While many of our great great grandparents would have unwrapped a nice set of pots and pans on their wedding day, one family welcomed a gift that would evolve into one of Australia’s most sought after Angus genetics - Te Mania Angus.

The Box

Click Go the Shears, Girls

In Australia, just three percent of the shearing industry is made up of women. Eryn Smith is a novice female shearer from the Victorian Highlands and she wants to see more women joining the industry. Eryn Smith began shearing four years ago when she was offered a go on the handpiece while working in a shed in Ivanhoe, NSW, and she’s never looked back. She’s just been offered her first full time permanent shearing contract in Victoria.

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First Generation Farmers Show what it takes to Build a Modern Legacy on the Land

Most farming properties are steeped in family history, handed down from one generation to the next, but first-generation producers Adam and Jacynta Coffey have shown what it takes to build a modern legacy on the land – and what makes their success all the more impressive is that they didn’t buy a well-established enterprise.

The Box

Ordinary Woman on an Extraordinary Mission to Save Lives in the Bush

Imagine this. An Aussie bloke walks into a country pub and orders a water - and no-one bats an eyelid. That’s the day Shanna Whan will know she’s achieved her life’s goal.

The Box

Bloody Great Gin Bringing Riverina Community Together

Tess and Jake Eaglesham are a true embodiment of their favourite saying; if you’re waiting for the right time to do something, it’s probably too late. Last year saw them welcome their first baby, hold down full time jobs, and survive many a COVID lockdown. For most people, that might be enough on their plate, but the couple from the Riverina region in New South Wales threw themselves in the deep end and launched their dream - Riverina Gin.

The Box

Mackas - Connecting Community, Cattle and Consumers

It’s a still winter's morning and the fog has engulfed Woko Station near Gloucester in NSW, the sound of the water trickling through the property’s creek that divides the station is only intermittently interrupted by the bellows of the cattle grazing in the paddocks nearby.

The Box

What Began as a Regional Passion Project is now Changing Lives

There aren’t many things more meaningful than a handwritten letter. For Mea Campbell, the founder of profit-for-purpose organisation, Connected AU, the ceremonious act of opening an envelope, sparked an idea that could offer a solution to Australia’s loneliness epidemic.

The Box

Together Building the Future for Agricultural Marketing Since 1986

1986 can be remembered for some incredibly historical events, The Oprah Winfrey show launched in the United States, Dire Straits recorded the largest ever open-air concert in Tassie, Mad Cow Disease was first detected in the UK and for us, July of 1986 marked the day where AuctionsPlus became more than just an idea, in those days it was CALM by name, but certainly not by nature.


#MyAPlusDay Winners Announced

We are excited to announce the winners from our June #MyAPlusDay photo competition. It was wonderful to see amazing photography throughout the competition capturing rural and regional Australia. Thank you to everyone who shared their #MyAPlusDay photos and stories! With the competition so high and over 650 entries, it was a very difficult decision to narrow it down to three winners. 

The Box

Saddler & Co; A Window into Traditional Crafts and a Thriving Future

They say to keep your work and personal life separate but for one husband and wife team, the two could not be more intertwined - and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Box

Legacy Lives on at Conondale Station

As Maree Duncombe surveys her beloved Charbray herd on Conondale Station, a 930-hectare property in the Queensland Sunshine Coast Hinterland, she knows both her parents are looking down on her.

The Box

Goat The Go for Taco Tuesday's as the Demand for Goat Meat is on the Rise

Goat meat may not be up there with lamb, beef and chicken on Australian menus, but if Linda McKenzie has her way it will soon become mainstream in boutique restaurants. Linda’s mission is far bigger than elevating goat meat onto the plates of Australians, she also has goals to educate the new wave of tree-changers entering the agriculture industry.

The Box

Who Grew My Clothes? Meet the Podcaster Bringing you Women Behind Wool

Skye Manson once failed a job interview so spectacularly her future boss didn’t need to sugarcoat it. Instead, he gave her another shot and she spent the next decade travelling the countryside sharing the stories of rural Australians for the ABC. Today she’s clocked up a 15 year long career in the media and is the founder of Manson + Company, a podcast production business she runs from a little 1900’s converted outhouse on her farm in Gunning, NSW.

The Box

A Good Set of Pipes and a Bit of Grit Takes Auctioneer Far

If there’s anyone blessed with a good set of pipes, it’s Paul Dooley. The renowned seedstock auctioneer says he got lucky with a voice that doesn’t crumble under pressure but plenty of hard work and dedication hasn’t hurt either.

The Box

No Data Left Behind: Black Box Co Changing Future for Farmers

At 30 years old Shannon Speight is just a spring chicken by the agricultural industry’s standards but when it comes to the tech world, she jokes she might already be a little over the hill. Fortunately, she and co-founder Emma Black, 32, are more than holding their own with the 20-somethings after officially launching Black Box Co in March 2020.

The Box

The Mission to Bring People “Way Out West” for Beautiful Things

Resilience and pivoting are two words we have all heard a lot in the past year. If there is one rural woman who has embraced them, it is Kat Porter who is on the road to making a tiny New South Wales village the “heart of the highway” despite the setbacks that have crossed her path.


Twin Oaks Angus Takes a Thriving Modern Approach to Breeding

After making a shift from the South Island of New Zealand to the North Island, Twin Oaks Angus Stud is thriving by taking a modern approach to breeding.


Maungahina Stud's Clear Vision has Stood the Test of Time

“After five generations of Maungahina, our goal still remains the same today; To breed and sell quality genetics that stand the test of time, yield high returns and dominate in our client's program” – Bruce McKenzie

The Box

‘Back Yourself’ and Other Words of Wisdom from Women in Agriculture

Katie Lewis When Tessa Cameron was growing up she didn’t see women at the saleyards. Today, along with fellow livestock assessor Katie Lewis, she says she’s seeing the number of women in the industry rise tenfold every year.

The Box

Why a Typical Aussie Farm is Amassing Thousands of Followers

“What up farm?!” is a catchphrase that is, well, catching on and coined by West Wimmera farmer Mark Merrett whose video commentary of everyday farm life is capturing the attention of people across Australia.

The Box

Queensland Family Shares Life in one of our Toughest Climates

When she was five years old Nina House’s parents scraped together every penny they had and bought the second worst block in the district. That was 38 years ago and the House family is now the second longest owners of Fortuna in the Desert Uplands Bioregion of Western Queensland.

The Box

No Green Grass over the Fence, Instead Retirement and Adventure Calls

Six years ago David and Jill Raff shipped their entire Angus operation from the mainland to King Island. Today, they’re packing their bags again but this time the cattle are staying put. The Raff’s are heading back to Queensland and after nearly 60 years in the agricultural industry, David’s ready for his next adventure - retirement.


#MyAPlusDay Instagram Photo Competition

Every week across Instagram we get a behind-the-scenes look at a day in the life of an Aussie in ag. Cattle dogs herding up livestock... family life on the farm... After being inspired by all the amazing rural photography, we've decided to run an Instagram competition called #MyAPlusDay!

The Box

Life on the Land and from the Truck’s Cab

Eight years ago Alice Mabin walked into a camera shop and asked for the best equipment money could buy. Was she a professional photographer? Not even close. In fact, she’d never even owned a camera. She boldly declared to the store owner she’d be a professional in no time and walked out the door armed with her new purchase, leaving him with a bemused smile on his face.

The Box

Scholarship Sets Young Gun Apart in the Sheep Industry

Austin Grace lives by the motto ‘you can work as hard as you want during the day but it’s what you do in your own time that sets you apart.’ The wise philosophy is paying off after he was recently awarded the Peter Westblade Scholarship.

The Box

Four-legged Workmates the Missing Piece to Pilbara Puzzle

Eight years ago Aticia (Teesh) Grey admits she didn’t know the first thing about working dogs. A loyal blue cattle dog was her only canine companion and the nippy heeler wasn’t going to hold up in the yards. Teesh knew there was something missing when it came to stock handling on her Pilbara, WA cattle station and she set out to find it.

The Box

Mounted Police’s Loss was Agricultural Industry’s Gain

If you see Teeah Bungey riding down the streets of Sydney one day with the Mounted Police, you’ll know she’s finally giving her teenage career musings a crack. It’s unlikely though - the market operator for AuctionsPlus is living the agricultural dreams she’s had since she was a child.

The Box

How Georgie Mann is using Photography to Show the World the Real Australia

Rural life awakens in front of Georgie Mann’s camera lens, a storytelling device that’s turning the focus towards inland Australia instead of just the sandy white beaches so often portrayed in tourism brochures.



From the sidelines of the football field to the office and beyond I can only describe Mary & Me as a little bit of MARY & a whole lot of ME! As far back as I can remember styling women has been a passion of mine! From the soothing appeal of luxe fabrics to the wow factor and razzle dazzle of a set of funky earrings, the experience of being able to help women both feel good on the inside and look absolutely fabulous on the outside is what I live for!


Bec McKenzie: Never be Left Stranded Again

Bec McKenzie reckons tight wheel nuts, roadside angst and stubbornly flat tyres are thing of the past with a whiz-bang kit that will have your tyres off and on in no time at all. My husband Peter and I have owned tyre businesses in both Lightning Ridge and Walgett over the past 15 years. Six years ago, we made the decision to focus solely on our Walgett business and we closed our Lightning Ridge shop. Then the drought-hit. With four children to educate we knew we had to think outside the square.


Australia's First Brahman Stud sells Wairuna Bull to the Next Generation

Last week at Beef Australia, a successful outcome saw Sharon Atkinson of Wairuna Brahmans sell bull Wairuna Zulu to Alex Tzioutzias of Orea Brahmans at Baralaba. The bull was held in our Inaugural Beef Australia stud cattle Sale at Beef Week. 


Rhythm First Aid: Providing Safer Futures

Rhythm First Aid was born from a community need, Director, Nicole Gleeson’s love of education, sharing her knowledge and experience with the community.

The Box

Four Daughters Driving Innovation in the Beef Industry

In 2020 as the coronavirus turned the world on its head, one Western Queensland family was left scrambling. Beef producers Karen and Dan Penfold had spent a year educating and building a relationship with their first international wholesaler, hoping this was going to offer their family the financial security needed for the next generation.


WATCH: Luke Chandler - Managing Director of John Deere

Managing Director for John Deere Luke Chandler caught up with Ed Gannon from The Weekly Times to discuss the optimistic outlook on the agricultural industry.


Building the Future of Beef: Next Generation Forum at Beef Australia

At Beef Australia, AuctionsPlus hosted the Next Generation Forum where key industry representatives and future leaders came together to unpack how to make your start and leave your mark in the Beef industry.


WATCH: The Beef Brekkie Show with David Goodfellow, Bruce King & Kerry McGowan

On the final day of The Beef Brekkie Show we are discussing 'Investment in Agriculture' with David Goodfellow - General Manager of CBRE, Bruce King - CEO of Regional Investment Corporation & Kerry McGowan - General Manager, Commonwealth Bank Regional & Agribusiness QLD.


WATCH: Mark Allison - Elders

Ed Gannon from The Weekly Times caught up with the Managing Director and CEO Mark Allison from Elders to discuss the current position in Australia Agriculture. Mark further talks about the direction of the beef sector and how to support the industry. 


Listen to our Beef Australia Singer on Spotify: Daniel Barrett Raw n Acoustic

From Echuca NSW, Daniel Barrett was selected as our unsigned artist to perform throughout the week at Beef Australia. “For the first time ever I was really nervous before I got to the venue, but once I settled in and realised what my job was it was easy… It has been amazing nothing short of amazing" Daniel says. 


WATCH: Rob Clayton - Managing Director of Nutrien Ag Solutions

Managing director of Nutrien Ag Solutions Rob Clayton caught up with James Wagstaff from the Weekly Times to discuss the future outlooks on the beef industry post the pandemic.


WATCH: Mark Bennett - Head of Agribusiness at ANZ

James Wagstaff from The Weekly Times catches up with Head of Agribusiness at ANZ Mark Bennett at Beef Australia. Mark discusses the challenges and opportunities for the future of agriculture and what direction he sees the industry moving towards. 


WATCH: Matt Dalgleish - Thomas Elders Markets

Matt Dalgleish from Thomas Elders Markets caught up with James Wagstaff from The Weekly Times at Beef Australia to discuss the current state of the Australian Beef Industry, what changes he expects to see in current cattle prices and his predictions for where the industry will be in the next 3 years. 


WATCH: The Beef Brekkie Show with Rozzie O'Reilly & Luke Evans

Today on The Beef Brekkie Show Oli is joined by Luke Evans - a cattle manager for a large family-owned operation in Northern Australia, and Rozzie O'Reilly - operations manager for Lambpro where they discuss 'making your start and leaving your mark in the industry'.


WATCH: The Beef Brekkie Show with Olivia Lawson and Geoff Pearson

It's Day 3 of The Beef Brekkie Show and our guests this morning are Olivia Lawson from Paringa Livestock Genetics and Western Australian producer Geoff Pearson who are both on the Cattle Council of Australia. In this chat, we are looking to gain a different perspective on the challenges and opportunities that currently face the Beef Industry by speaking directly to those who live and breathe it every day - the producers.


WATCH: Fiona Simson - National Farmers Federation

National Farmers Federation President Fiona Simson caught up with James Wagstaff from The Weekly Times at Beef Australia to discuss leadership, sustainability and innovation within the beef industry.


WATCH: Bruce King - CEO Regional Investment Corporation

CEO of Regional Investment Corporation Bruce King caught up with James Wagstaff of The Weekly Times at the AuctionsPlus stand while at Beef 2021 to chat about how the AgriStarter Loan might help benefit farm businesses by improving resilience, profitability or provide a long-term option for succession planning.


WATCH: The Beef Brekkie Show with Anna Speer, Ryan Olive & Charlie Perry

On Day 2 of The Beef Brekkie Show we are joined by Ryan Olive - Rabobank Young Beef Ambassador Award Winner, Anna Speer - Director of Agribusiness Australia & Charlie Perry - Chair of the Australian Wagyu Association.


WATCH: Andy Penn - Telstra CEO

Chief Executive of Telstra Andy Penn is excited to be in Rockhampton at Beef Week for the opportunity to invest a further $150 million in a range of reasonable improvements over the next 12 months. In addition to that Telstra has announced a $200 million co-investment fund, to extend mobile coverage across rural Australia.


WATCH: Alison Meagher- Butcher Girl

Livestock Editor from The Weekly Times Maddie Stuchbery caught up with the founder of the Butcher Girl Alison Meagher. The inspiration behind Butcher Girl Alison stemmed from Alison's motivation to educate and promote Australian beef while working alongside chefs to develop recipes using secondary cuts.


WATCH: Sonia Bennetto - Charters Towers Deputy Mayor

Producer and Deputy Mayor of Charters Towers Sonia Bennetto talks about the sustainability of the cattle industry and the growth into the future.  With exciting times ahead for beef and the primary production in Australia, Sonia comments on how beef is a key economic pillar for her region in North QLD, where leveraging on very strong cattle prices and an increase in positivity from the sector can show growth and investment.


WATCH: Charlie Perry - Trent Bridge Wagyu

Livestock Editor from The Weekly Times Maddie Stuchbery caught up with Charlie Perry from Trent Bridge Wagyu who spoke about the challenges and opportunities that the industry and in particular producers are facing. 


You can Learn Something from Everyone: Young Judge Ruby Canning

Today we were delighted to chat with Ruby Canning from Outcross, who is also a judge here at Beef Australia. Ruby is excited to be judging not only at an event that is so renowned but also alongside her dad. “It's one of those events that you dream of as a young girl to judge at beef and to be judging with my dad is even more special.”


Meeting Prime Minister Scott Morrison at Beef Australia

On Monday, some of the AuctionsPlus team had the pleasure of meeting Prime Minister Scott Morrison during his visit to Beef Australia. Angus Street (CEO), Hugh Courts (Stud Operations) and Ell Simpson (Integrity Manager) are a part of the Beef Connections Program - which aims to connect mentors and mentor partners to grow future industry leaders in the agriculture industry. 


WATCH: The Beef Brekkie Show with Jason Strong, David Hill & Angus Street

AuctionsPlus has teamed up with The Weekly Times to bring you The Beef Brekkie Show during Beef Australia 2021.  Presented live from the AuctionsPlus pavilion, The Beef Brekkie show will host various industry leaders with Day 1 kicking off with Jason Strong - Director of Meat & Livestock Australia, David Hill - Director of Cattle Council of Australia & Angus Street - CEO of AuctionsPlus.


WATCH: Hon David Littleproud MP - Minister for Agriculture

The Hon David Littleproud MP - Minister for Agriculture - caught up with James Wagstaff from The Weekly Times at the AuctionsPlus pavilion during Beef Week to discuss the challenges the Beef industry has faced in recent years and how we can get the next generation of farmers to gain a sustainable footing in the industry.


Meet our Buy from the Bush Suppliers for Beef Australia

Over the last few weeks, we have been speaking to our suppliers for Beef Week from ‘Buy From the Bush’. Each business will be featured at our stand during the week of #Beef2021. The stubby holders for our networking drinks will feature artworks from Ellie Morris Photography and The Heuston Herd. We will also be offering snacks at the AuctionsPlus stand from Middle of Nowhere Creations, Urbino Ag, and Murrungundy Pistachios.


WATCH: Michael Vacy-Lyle - Group Executive of Commonwealth Bank

James Wagstaff from The Weekly Times caught up with Michael Vacy-Lyle, Group Executive of Commonwealth Bank Business Banking at Beef Australia to discuss how Australian businesses have weathered the COVID storm and the role Agriculture has played in the Australian economy.


Ascot Cattle Co : Beef Australia Stud Cattle & Genetics Auction

With Beef Week right around the corner, we caught up with Jim and Jackie Wedge to discuss the Inaugural Beef Australia Stud Cattle and Genetics Auction being held in Rockhampton next week. Jim and Jackie run a customer focused Angus and Charolais stud breeding operation known as Ascot Cattle Co, located in Warwick, QLD.


Good Going Out Cutlery: Turning the Humble Spoon into Something Special

As Dad always says, “to quote Kenny Rogers, there’s someone for everyone”, we take that same approach (whilst listening to basically that exact playlist) in the shed. Every ring we make is completely unique in style and size and although they might not be to everyone’s taste, every ring ends up going to someone who loves it.

The Box

From Banking to Burpees, Active Farmers’ Founder Shares Love for Fitness

Farmers across the country are heading into their nearest town once a week but it’s not for a beer. Instead, they’re busting out the exercise gear and dropping a few lunges and squats as part of the popular Active Farmers initiative.

The Box

Zanda McDonald Award Winner Shares Adventures Ahead

As a young uni student, someone once told Rozzie O’Reilly not to miss any opportunity that comes her way. Get rejected? Pick yourself up and throw your hat back in the ring. Fortunately, she took it on board and in 2021 Rozzie was crowned the Australian winner of the Zanda McDonald Award.


Ellendale Simmentals: Beef Australia Stud Cattle & Genetics Auction

In the lead up to Beef Week, we spoke to a regular Beef Week attender Julie Pocock who has been attending the event since 1997. The family run Ellendale Simmentals, specializing in high performance Red and Black Simmentals driven by the commercial market. The team will be bringing along four bulls for the auction at beef week and for the first time ever they will be putting a semen lot up.

The Box

Selling Online Before the Internet: AuctionsPlus Founder Howard Gardner

No one ever threw anything at Howard Gardner in the 1980s but he reckons he came close. After all, he was pitching to producers what he admits was a new fandangled way of selling livestock at a time before computers or the internet were a thing. Today that system is called AuctionsPlus and it’s since sold a ewe or two.


Beautifully Curated Handmade Designs - Miss Mollee Designs

Jenny Mapstone is a farmer's daughter from Narrabri, NSW. The family property, "Mollee" is the inspiration for her brand. The farm grows cotton, wheat, barley and oats, and runs a small herd of cattle. Her Dad and brother, Matthew run the farm together and pride themselves on employing good science, new technology and industry best practice principles to ensure that sustainability is at the forefront in all operations.


Rhys and Amy Innes: Beef Australia Stud Cattle & Genetics Auction

This week we spoke to Rhys and Amy Innes regarding the Inaugural Beef Australia Stud Cattle and Genetics Auction in the lead up to #Beef2021. Rhys and Amy started putting Angus bulls over Brahman cows roughly 15 years ago, however it wasn’t until three years ago that “we saw the light”, Rhys says, and recognised the impressive results from Brangus bulls.


Grain Donations Helping our Regions

As the 20/21 harvest season becomes a distant memory, Foodbank is putting their hand up to work with growers and traders from across the country to get involved and support their grain donation program. Grain donations combined with industry support will help produce pantry staples for families and individuals doing it tough.

The Box

Ange Shares Life as an Artificial Insemination Technician

Ange Wilson has spent almost 20 years with her arm somewhere she jokes her former ‘office girl’ self could never have imagined - but the artificial insemination technician wouldn’t have it any other way.


Leading the Herd to Water

Elisha Parker has a lot on her ever-expanding plate. A wearer of many hats, Elisha is the co-founder of, a national cattle advertising website that is the first of its kind in Australia. As the Queensland finalist for the AgriFutures 2020 Rural Women’s Award, she runs the flourishing site alongside co-founder Annabelle Spann, while working full time remotely as a lawyer and overseeing her daughter’s School of the Air curriculum. Sound like a lot? That’s because it is.


Sunnyside Brahmans: Beef Australia Stud Cattle & Genetics Auction

Mitchell and Hanna with kids Macy and Dallas In the lead up to #Beef2021, we caught up with Mitchell and Hanna Redding to discuss the Inaugural Beef Australia Stud Cattle and Genetics Auction being held in Rockhampton in May. Located near Toowoomba, west of Brisbane the couple run Sunnyside Brahmans alongside Hanna’s parents Mark and Kaylene Leicht.

The Box

A few days turns into Forty Years of Farming within the Merino Industry

In her early 20’s Lynley Anderson returned from an overseas adventure to give her parents a hand on the family property near Kojonup, WA. A few weeks turned into 40 years as the young nurse rediscovered her home and a passion for the Merino industry.


Daniel Barrett Music: Unsigned Artist Winner

We are incredibly excited to announce that AuctionsPlus has found our Unsigned Artist and will be bringing Daniel Barrett to Beef Australia with us in May. Daniel is a self-taught singer/songwriter from the Murray River town of Echuca in Victoria. When we spoke with him, he couldn’t believe that he had won, “I don’t know what to say, I’m really thankful for the opportunity. I can’t wait to show more people what I do”.


Oakvale Square Meaters: Beef Australia Stud & Genetics Auction

Gary and Heather Sewell have been operating their stud Oakvale Square Meaters for nearly twenty years. Gary is excited to get back to Beef this year for an array of reasons, “It (Beef) provides us the chance to meet a lot of different people with different backgrounds from right across the industry”.

The Box

Twenty Years of Hard Work brings Dream to Life for Gilmore Family

At the ripe old age of 12, Graham Gilmore felt he might just have experienced the proudest moment of his life. He’d shown the champion Dorset Horn ewe as a novice breeder at the Sydney Sheep Show. While he still remembers it like it was yesterday, fast forward to today and he’s notched up another achievement he thinks might just pip it at the post - developing the Australian White breed.


Marty Rowlands of KBV Simmentals: 20 Years Producing & Beef Australia

Marty Rowlands has been a producer for the past 20 years, with Beef Australia his main focus every 3 years. Having stock for sale at every Beef Australia event, Marty is extremely excited by the opportunity of the Inaugural Stud Cattle and Genetics Auction at #Beef2021.


The Untapped Potential of the Humble Working Dog

Kelly Barnes’ love for dogs and personal experience living with chronic pain and mental health have led her to develop Mates Working Dog School – a training program helping participants build low stress stock handling skills and a stronger awareness of mental health care. The Dunkeld local is passionate about offering social connections and networking events for primary producers, earning her the title of Victoria’s AgriFutures Rural Women’s Award in 2020.


It's Been Raining Cats and Dogs!

These last few weeks you would certainly be forgiven for saying that it has been raining cats and dogs. With massive rainfall events happening over much of the east coast of Australia, we would like to use this week’s blog to encourage you as a reader to jump on the phone and make call to someone you know who is or may be in a flood affected area. Check in on them, see how they are going and see if there is anything you can do to help out.


Some of the Best

This week we celebrate some of the best with a collection of happy snaps from around rural Australia. From herding cattle on horseback, to counting sheep and goats... we even have a happy doggo enjoying a swim! These photos demonstrate the vast landscapes across our country and celebrates the people who live in them.


Food relief provides much-needed help to every day Aussies

In normal times, Foodbank provides essential food and grocery relief to more than 815,000 people across Australia every month who are experiencing food insecurity. These are not normal times and the charities that have been able to remain open during COVID-19 report that demand for food relief has been up 47% on average since the pandemic was declared.


Artisan Sheep Milk Dairy Produces Award Winning Cheese

Award-winning artisan cheese makers Cressida and Michael Cains live and work on their family property; 200-acres of lush, rolling hills in Robertson, the green heart of the Southern Highlands. Named after the Italian word for sheep, Pecora Dairy is Australia’s only working, pure East Friesian ewes, the most productive breed of dairy sheep in the world.

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Passing on Wise Words, 40 years of experience & a Thriving Vet Clinic

He might not be a big talker but Bill Graham has passed on some pearls of wisdom to son Tom over the years. ‘Head down, bum up’ rates up there with his top tips and now he’s passing on something even bigger - his vet practice.


Here's to Strong Women: International Women’s Day

With International Women’s Day taking place earlier in the week we thought it’d be a great opportunity to share with you some of the great captures we have seen over the years of these truly outstanding ladies. We’d also like to thank and recognise them for their unwavering contribution to the Australian Agricultural Industry as it certainly wouldn’t be what it is today without their input.

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‘He Who Panics Last Wins’ Guides Young Auctioneer to Glory

A good mate and childhood mentor once told a young Liam Kirkwood that ‘he who panics last wins’. Liam admits it took him a while to figure out what his friend was on about, but today the 24-year-old champion auctioneer and principal at Ray White Townsville Rural and Livestock lives by those wise words.


We're Bringing an Unsigned Artist to Beef 2021!

AuctionsPlus is proud to be partnering with Beef Australia to deliver Beef 2021! From the 2-8th May 2021, the AuctionsPlus marquee will host thousands of people each day where we plan to inspire and challenge with new tools, genuine conversations and exciting new insights.


Sustainable Fishing & a Love of Science

In 2020, Amy Kirke’s dedication to the ocean and its inhabitants earned her the mantle of Northern Territory AgriFutures Rural Women’s Award winner thanks to her work in sustainable fishing and commitment to encouraging more women into the world of Science, Technology, Math and Engineering (STEM).


Could The Bush Be... (Dare we say it)... Trending?

Pick up your favourite metro paper or magazine and chances are you’ll find stories highlighting people and businesses in the bush. Profiles on country innovation; spreads that include rural products; articles illuminating issues far beyond city borders.


Cream of the Crop Australia's Rural Photographers

As promised, we’d love to share with you some of what we believe are the absolute “cream of the crop” when it comes to Australia’s rural photographers. Some of these extremely talented men and women have been a part of the Thank A Farmer journey since our inception in 2014 and are fundamentally responsible for the success that we have had to date.


Showcasing Australian Agriculture

Check out some of our latest posts! This week we have sheep, we have cattle, and we even have puppies... just some more of the outstanding content coming in from our followers all across the country showcasing the best of Australian agriculture.  

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Sam Heagney on all things Agriculture, Resilience & a Good Tweet

For a boy who grew up in Melbourne, Sam Heagney’s happy place today couldn't be any further from the suburbs. In fact, these days he says he’s never happier than when it’s harvest time and there’s headers, trucks and people running in every direction.


The Journey to Liquid Gold

Alongside her family, Kendra Kerrisk brought Brushwoods olive grove back from the brink. The result? Liquid gold. I’m a mum, a wife, a farmer, a produce lover, an ex-scientist and goal chaser. I’m also the driving force behind Brushwoods. My number one goal? To reconnect Australians with the land upon which their food is grown and the farmers who produce it – beginning right here at our olive grove in the Riverina region of NSW.

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Fifth Generation Farming Family Flourishing Now and Into the Future

In a fifth generation farming family the pull to take on the business is usually pretty strong. For Frank Archer though it was more of a slow burn that’s turned into a roaring career with Landfall Angus, a family owned and operated business in the Tamar Valley, Northern Tasmania.


Ripper Snaps

A couple of the more recent ripper snaps we’ve had the pleasure of sharing with our followers to help you get through the week! We sure do have some talented rural photographers here in Australia. In the coming weeks we’d like to showcase a few of our favourites, so stay tuned for our upcoming “rural photographers” themed blog.

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Moving Forward: Glatz Black Angus to Rebuild after Bushfires

After 25 years in the Angus stud cattle industry Ben Glatz and his family are facing their most devastating challenge yet. Last month a bushfire ripped through their Avenue Range property in South Australia while they were on holidays, destroying all pasture, fencing, fodder and sheds. But the cruelest blow? The loss of 250 cows, weaner bulls and heifers and with them, 25 years of breeding.


A Stark Contrast

This week we’d like to share some amazing captures illustrating the stark contrast that has become evident over the past 12 – 18 months. It’s amazing to see how far we have come in such a short amount of time and here’s to a better 2021!


A Life of Colour, Creativity and the Family Piggery

  My childhood wasn’t like that of most kids’. Mum was a single parent, she raised my sister and I while working a full-time job in town. So come the weekend, us girls would head to the family piggery run by my grandparents. I’d soak up those hours, sitting on my Papa’s knee, singing You Are My Sunshine, eating Bubble O’Bills and feeding the piglets.

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Good Things Come in Threes and Beyond for Lachie and Sophie Kelly

To say things are looking pretty good for Lachie and Sophie Kelly from LSK Poll Dorset & Suffolk Studs would be a bit of an understatement. The young couple bought the entire Clarendon Poll Dorset Stud in 2019, hosted their first on-property sale in 2020 and in May, 2021 they’ll bring home their best addition yet - their first baby.


Promoting Aussie Ag & Its Primary Producers

Our goal when we started Thank A Farmer For Your Next Meal was to promote Aussie Ag and it’s primary producers. A big part of our business is our merchandise, which we utilise to start positive conversations about agriculture.


Get the George & Co Skincare Glow

Georgina Franklin’s small-batch body scrubs, handmade with love and locally-sourced ingredients in Armidale NSW, are set to grow (and glow!) in 2021.

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The Journey to Tell 10,000 Stories

Oli Le Lievre is a young man on a mission. Each night, he dives straight into his passion project; finding and broadcasting fascinating stories of people in agriculture. He’s just clocked 120 stories on his Instagram and podcast: Humans of Agriculture, and he says our industry needs to get better at telling its story… lest somebody else tells it first.

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