Ten Agritech Businesses Changing our Farming Future

PUBLISHED Wed, 1 September 2021

Andrew Coppin - AgritechRight now there’s 10,000 people driving around Aussie farms checking water. That’s 40,000 tires, a massive carbon output and sadly, a high chance of a farm accident occurring. We’ll do it all over again tomorrow, the next day and beyond.

Now picture this scene instead. It's 6am and you’re having a cuppa with brekkie while you check the water on your property. Are you driving around spilling coffee while you do it? Are you paying someone else to cover a well-worn water route? No, you’re ensuring everything’s in order via the water monitoring technology on your phone.  

It’s hard not to get excited about the next generation of agritech businesses hitting the market - and Australian AgriTech Association chairman Andrew Coppin agrees. AusAgritech is an open and inclusive membership-based association established to foster a world-class agritech ecosystem and help create a prosperous future for Australian agrifood innovation.

Agritech is a $500 billion a year sector globally. In Australia the National Farmers’ Federation target is $100 billion in farm output by 2030. AusAgritech aims to see $20 billion of that figure coming from the development and deployment of agritechnology in Australian paddocks. 

With a host of technologies hitting the market, Andrew’s confident we can reach that target - if farmers are supported to take the plunge. While thousands of farmers across the country have already adopted one, or several, forms of agritech into their businesses, Andrew says there’s one factor that’s still a barrier for many. 

“I’ve never met a farmer with time on their hands or one with a bottom on their to-do list,” he says. 

“Farmers are very busy people so when they’re putting their cattle through the crush because that’s what they’ve always done, they’ve got the people and the technology to do it, and then they’re getting a call from this bloke Bill at Optiweigh, for example, telling them they could have a walk over weigh system in the paddock - they know that’s smart but when are they actually going to get to it?

“So it’s about this challenge of finding the right time, the right initiative, the right incentive to get farmers to take the risk of making the change at a time when they’ve got capital and the time to say ‘Okay, I know the short-term inconvenience will be surpassed by the long-term benefit’. 

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just a matter of the older generation being stuck in their ways when it comes to adopting new technologies. In his role as CEO of Farmbot Monitoring Solutions, Andrew’s been approached by farmers aged in their 70s at Beef Week and when asked if they’d like to hear about the latest in water monitoring he’s been met with surprising, albeit amusing, responses. 

“I’ve had a 75-year-old bloke say ‘Mate, get stuffed, I’ve already got ten of those things and they’re great,” Andrew laughs. 

“And then I’ll have a young bloke walk past and say ‘nah I like driving around, always done it’ so I think the old school gets a bit of a hard rap.”

Ultimately, Andrew says it comes down to people being prepared to be early adopters and risk takers. And in an industry of risk takers he jokes you’d have to be ‘half-crazy’ to be in any way, farmers just need to start - anywhere. 

“The road to innovation and to helping not only build a successful agritech ecosystem, but also to supporting farmers, is just to take action,” he says. 

“As a farmer, start somewhere. Take the plunge, believe it could be true and think about what could happen if everything goes right. 

“How good could this be?”

Excited? We are too, so we asked Andrew to give you the lowdown on 10 of the newest recruits to AusAgritech. 


Ceres Tag 

Ceres Tag

Ceres Tag is one of the world’s most comprehensive animal monitoring platforms and the world’s first direct to satellite animal information platform. Its proprietary smart ear tag monitors for biosecurity, health, welfare, performance and traceability provenance of the supply chain network including theft detection. Ceres Tag is also on track to be the world’s first accredited smart ear tag to international standards.

“It’s obviously leading-edge technology around the world so it’s still early days but it’s certainly a technology that some will say they won’t require, others will sit on the fence and maybe start with tracking one in 20, and others will say they absolutely cannot live without it.” 




The portable Optiweigh unit is towed into the paddock, with molasses, a lick block or salt to entice cattle onto it. Stepping on they have their EID recorded and front feet weighed. This information is sent to the cloud and an algorithm applied to calculate total body weight. Liveweight information is updated multiple times daily and sent to any device type. Farmers receive a daily email each morning summarising the information gathered by the Optiweigh in the last 24hours. Saving in time and labour, and delivering the potential for higher returns and improved productivity, Andrew said Optiweigh is a game changer for livestock graziers.


Farmbot Monitoring Solutions

FARMBOT Monitoring Solutions

Andrews own company, Farmbot falls into the ‘on-farm technology camp’ and is a solutions provider, revolving around everything to do with water. Its range of monitoring devices allows you to check water, and trough levels, rainfall, flow and pressure rates remotely. Users receive SMS and email alerts when issues arise, or maximum or minimum water levels are breached. The alert triggers are set via the MyFarmbot platform which reliably collects, stores and reports data from multiple monitoring locations, from anywhere, anytime. 


The Yield 

The Yield

Pitched as a complete digital solution for corporate agriculture, The Yield offers everything from microclimate sensing to machine intelligence tools and an industry-leading data platform. It offers Sensing+, an end-to-end system for large-scale growing operations, combining sensors, data analytics and apps. From 7-day predictions to historical reports, custom notifications to crop scouting, Sensing+ helps you make better decisions that impact crop wellbeing and yield.

“They’re a data analysis company and data aggregation, looking at climate and data, and overlaying climate data with data about what’s actually happening in your paddock,” Andrew explains. 

“It gives you the opportunity to optimize your production and better use your water, chemicals, and everything else that you need to produce the best crop that you can in the fastest time.” 




Cibo Labs Pty Ltd is an agricultural data analytics company based in Toowoomba and Brisbane. The company was established in early 2018 with the mission to bring a completely new approach to monitoring Australia's grazing lands and produce more profitable farms and more sustainable landscapes. It uses world-leading science in remote sensing and machine learning (aka artificial intelligence) combined with on-farm knowledge to bring new levels of understanding in pasture productivity and land condition to every farm, paddock or field in Australia.


Sapien Technology

Sapien Technology

Sapien Technology is a technology partner providing individual animal management software and hardware solutions across the supply chain. It’s the producer of KoolCollect, an individual animal data collection tool for use in the yards. All the information on your animals is available when and where you need it. It allows you to record and track data for individual animals, log treatments for QA programs and drive auto-drafters based on multiple classing options.

“It allows you to go ‘right, now we’ve got the cow in front of us, how much weight has it gained, what treatments has it received and allows you to use specific data to make a decision – which animal to cull, sell or breed from” Andrew explains.

“It takes all the scanning data, reproductive information and pedigree and turns it into a full animal history for each individual so you can make informed decisions and improve your overall production in line with your goals. 


Pairtree Intelligence


Pairtree is a universal dashboard for your smart farms apps, data, sensors and software. Pairtree displays all of your farm data across your entire operation. The aggregated software platform centralises the key messages from your existing and future digital technology by combining those data feeds together.

“No farmer is going to want to juggle seven apps just to run the farm,” Andrew says. 

“So if you want one central system that can talk to lots of different sensors, imagery and apps, then you might get Pairtree to be your hub. All layered on a single map which really simplifies the process.” 




No phone coverage out in the paddock? No problem! The AgriWebb mobile app works seamlessly offline. Any records you create are saved on your device, ready to be synced to the cloud and shared with your coworkers when you’re next in range or connected to Wi-Fi. As a whole, Andrew said AgriWebb focuses on empowering farmers to produce more sustainable & profitable outcomes for livestock graziers and meat supply chains globally - with its Australian market-leading offering now established in Europe and the US - AgriWebb is delivering a top product in the farm management sphere.


SwarmFarm Robotics 

Swarm Farm

One of the few companies worldwide with commercially available robots, the lightweight and autonomous machines are loaded with technology that allows new methods of crop production the company says is simply not possible on the back of a tractor. Capable of operating at optimal speed and whenever the conditions are suitable for the specific operation, SwarmBots can work on their own or cooperatively as a ‘swarm’ of units across the landscape. 

“They’re a great company building smaller, autonomous robots that can basically work all night, work all day, spraying paddocks, picking weeds and doing things that are very manual,” Andrew says.

“It could just be mowing but it’s happening autonomously and ultimately, they’re doing all sorts of things where robots can be put to good use.”




Agrigital’s Waypath app is a global platform for grain growers which incorporates all aspects of the supply chain including contracts, deliveries, storage, payments and invoices. Available across multiple devices, the Waypath app gives farmers the flexibility to access and manage their data from anywhere and enables growers to track and trace every load of grain from paddock to payment.

“In the old days you’d have the truck driver write it down on a pad of paper and hand it to the next person and the next person and so on, so they’ve removed a large, incumbent process around tracking which is pretty important,” Andrew says.



And while they’re all incredible, stand alone initiatives, it's when used collaboratively that Andrew believes farmers will see the most benefit in their operation. 

Add one company to your cart and now you know where your cattle are. Add another and you’re well-informed on the health of your grass and your soil moisture. Throw another two in and you can keep stock of your water levels and cattle weights remotely. Link them all together on your universal dashboard and Andrew says the data comes together to achieve precision grazing.

“Now farmers can say with confidence, ‘the right answer for this exact paddock is 14 days, four hours and 15 minutes until I’ve optimised all of its water, its grass and its capability and I will be overgrazing from that point on.” 

“Some of these companies can be used in isolation but they come into their true power when they start collaborating and getting outcomes for Australian farmers - which is absolutely the primary goal for each and every one of them.”  





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Weekly Sheep & Lamb Comments - 10.12.21

AuctionsPlus sheep and lamb listings increased by 23% this week, to total 123,378 head. NSW had the largest increase in lambs offered this week, particularly for crossbred and Merino wether lambs. Demand for new season lambs continued to fuel the market, with key restocking regions including Central Western NSW, Riverina NSW and Southwest Victoria securing a vast majority of the crossbred and Merino wether lambs offered this week.

Meet our team

Meet our team - Hannah Kermode

Home for Hannah Kermode has always been the families property in Walcha, away from the big city lights. She never dreamt that one day she’d be working in the middle of Sydney’s, such is the journey from Walcha to AuctionsPlus.

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Innovation sprouts from tough seasons and a fussy eater

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Young Beef Producers Forum 2021

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Western Australian agent to mark 30 years selling online

Col Thexton isn’t one to beat about the bush. Thirty years ago he was the only Western Australian agent to list cattle with AuctionsPlus, then known as CALM, much to the shock of his colleagues who thought he must be mad. There’s no getting around it - it was a tough time. But Col took the plunge, started his own agency and in December this year he’ll mark his 30th consecutive annual sale - the longest running annual online sale in the country. 

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The resilience and rebuild of an island

  Kangaroo Island may be small in size, but its reputation as a premium tourism destination was elevated to a whole new level and made international headlines when Oprah Winfrey flew in on her $50 million private jet for a two-day stay in 2010.

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Hemwsworth headed to Cowra, NSW

What could be better than getting a Hemsworth to pop by for a visit? Well, according to a very clever regional tourism manager in the Central West of NSW, the biggest win is the community spirit after the entire town supported the campaign to Get Chris Hemsworth to Cowra.

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How Cara Peek will leave a legacy for generations to come

By her own admission, Cara Peek wears many hats, but her drive and determination to create opportunities and equality for Aboriginal people in remote Australia will no doubt leave a legacy for generations to come.

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People and data the foundations at Lambpro

The foundations of a data-driven business were forming as soon as Tom Bull left university. Taking a job with USA Lamb company, Superior Farms, Tom recognised the importance of analysing meat quality and yields to underpin farm profitability. 

Meet our team

Meet our team - Cassie Prowse

Cassie Prowse may be one of the most interacted with people at AuctionsPlus, but even for the most regular of users, you mightn’t know much about Cass. Cass is our Social Media Coordinator and is an integral part of the marketing team.


First Time Seller Guide

Welcome to AuctionsPlus! It’s our mission to help rural businesses and communities to thrive and our staff are incredibly passionate about ensuring that we can help you achieve that. This guide is set up to help you sell for the very first time. Note: This guide assumes you have a registered account. If you need to set up your account, please find more information HERE.

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From farmers’ market to feeding the nation and a TV show filmed at a farmhouse

It all started with a few recycled jars filled with homemade and seasonal food at the local farmers’ market. Give it a few years and a lot of figuring out and Cherie Hausler had a range of products being sold by the pallet load to hundreds of stores across Australia. Did we mention there’s also a tv show?

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Young Lot Feeder recognised for dedication to animal welfare

Growing up on a cattle backgrounding operation in New South Wales, James Guest never had any doubt his future lay in the agricultural world - he just had to find out where. 


The sale that's taken half a century

Every now and then a sale comes along like no other. For more than fifty years, the vendor has been rescuing items from clearing sales, saving them from the scrap pile and in itself archiving a piece of history.

Meet our team

Meet our team - Hamish Cooke

As a keen amateur sportsman, Hamish Cooke knows what it’s like to be disciplined and work hard, but he reflects that it was immediately after finishing his Year 12 exams and heading to a mate’s farm for harvest that he learnt what an honest, hard-day of work was like.

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Meet the man helping regional kids get back on track

Stepping through the gates of BackTrack for the first time, every kid hears something that both shocks and soothes them - you can’t get kicked out of BackTrack. The program is transforming the lives of regional youth across the country with the sole purpose of keeping kids alive, out of jail and achieving their hopes and dreams. 


LivestockBI: A new tool to optimise your livestock transactions

Greater access to market information is now here In the 2021 Financial Year, there were more than 814,000 cattle and 4.43 million sheep offered through AuctionsPlus. As the largest livestock marketplace in Australia, the opportunity to assist our customers with greater analysis and easier to understand insights is important to us.

The Yarn

Landline legend Kerry Lonergan on his love for a country program, for country people

As a rural reporter with the ABC in Brisbane in the 1980s, Kerry Lonergan knew if he ever got the chance to launch a country program for country people, he’d grab it. There’d be none of the well-trodden stories of weary farmers battling drought or the government either, rather a showcase of the cleverness, hard work and optimism of our country’s primary producers. Finally, in 1991 that opportunity arose and today we still know this program to be Landline.

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Grandma’s country cooking inspires a business and food movement

Memories of delicious, wholesome food from Grandma’s kitchen is the ethos behind one couple’s business, but it’s also driving a bigger mission to engage the wider community in a back-to-basics approach to food and living.

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Claire Dunne on starting Graziher & uncovering stories of women on the land

From her kitchen table on a Queensland cattle property, Claire Dunne set out to uncover the stories of women on the land - just like herself. In reflection, she admits she may have been a naive 23-year-old producing a slightly rough around the edges product, but as tennis great Arther Ashe urges, she was starting where she was, using what she had, doing what she could. 

Future of Agriculture

Where are they now? Catch up with the Rural Ambassador Award winners over the years

Did you know Agricultural Shows Australia is celebrating 20 years of the National Rural Ambassador Award? To celebrate, we've been catching up with the 19 individuals who have held the prestigious title since 2001. Find out where the talented winners are today.

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Broadacre farmer drives home opportunities for women in ag

From CEO of the Australian Wagyu Association to broadacre cropping farmer and now a motherhood coach, there is very little that Benita Bensch hasn’t done - but she has left an indelible mark on the agriculture industry.

The Yarn

Innovative sheep dairy takes multi-pronged approach to farming

Set amongst a stunning, century-old homestead and lush, wedding-ready gardens in the Scenic Rim is Towri Sheep Cheeses, run by mother and daughter duo Carolyn and Dallas Davidson - a pair of multi-generational sheep farmers who have transformed their breathtaking property into a purpose-built sheep dairy.


First Time Buyer Guide

Welcome to AuctionsPlus! It’s our mission to help rural businesses and communities to thrive and our staff are incredibly passionate about ensuring that we can help you achieve that. This guide is set up to help you purchase for the very first time. Note: This guide assumes you have a registered account and have completed buyer training online. If you need to set up your account, please find more information HERE.

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Yolande's life from the Cattleyards to the Cockpit

As a grazier, pilot, interior designer, business owner and mother of four, a day in the life of Yolande Woods is never dull - whether she is completing a colour consultation or talking all things grain production. A bush pilot living on the banks of the Macintyre River in Goondiwindi, Yolande has also combined her skills of design and aviation to create sleek and tailored aviation products that fit her feminine sense of style for her new brand, Aerohart. 

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From Northern Territory jillaroo to fashion designer - meet Belinda Rasheed

Belinda Rasheed is no ordinary agricultural woman. From Jillaroo to head stockman to manager in the wilds of the NT while simultaneously owning and designing for online fashion house Longrass Style, she is a trailblazer for women on the land. Here’s her story.

Women In Agriculture

Are you bogged mate? Meet the woman helping country blokes

Somewhere in one of the most far-flung regions of remote Australia, a man celebrated Christmas with his family last year. Ordinary? Far from it. Just a few weeks earlier, buried beneath the weight of depression, the idea he’d still be around to see in the season seemed unfathomable. Then he met Mary O’Brien. 


Access next gen Wagyu genetics

The Australian Wagyu Industry has been known for its innovation and progressive ways of looking to enhance the sector. The Australian Wagyu Association (AWA) has recently kicked off their newest initiative the Progeny Test Program, we took the opportunity to sit down with AWA CEO, Dr Matt McDonagh to find out more about the Wagyu industry and the upcoming semen tender.


‘Buy From The Bush – Big Break’ gives rural businesses the opportunity to kick start their idea

The team at Buy From the Bush continue to go from strength to strength, giving a hand up to businesses and people right across our rural communities. Buy From the Bush have just launched a new national pitch competition for rural entrepreneurs and bush businesses, ‘Buy From The Bush – Big Break’. 


#APlusSpring Instagram Photo Competition

Spring has well and truly sprung and we're keen to see what it's looking like in your backyard! 🌞 We're running #APlusSpring - an Instagram photo competition where you can show us the parts of spring that you love, and you'll go in the running to win 1 of 3 AWESOME prizes!

Organisations & Not For Profits

Dungog brings Sculpture on the Farm 2021 ONLINE to you

The October long weekend usually marks the time where the population of the Hunter Valley town of Dungog (NSW) doubles. Beginning in 2018, Sculpture on the Farm, brings together sculptors, the local Dungog community and the wider public.

Local Legends

How the Tiny Breadtag is having a Big Impact

The humble breadtag may seem small and insignificant, thrown away without a second thought when the last slice of bread is pulled from the bag. But this tiny piece of plastic is having an unexpected impact and the multinational corporations are starting to pay attention.

Women In Agriculture

The award-winning farmer who’s blazing a trail for future generations

Emma Ayliffe is an expert multi-tasker. When the recently crowned Young Farmer of the Year isn’t working her day-job as an agronomist, she’s developing her social media app Yacker, inspiring generations through public speaking, or helping her partner run their 688-hectare fledgling farm at Lake Cargelligo in Central West New South Wales.

Local Legends

Meet the young dairy farmer with happy cows, people and a possible stint on Farmer Wants a Wife in his sights

Nick Mignanelli is a young man on a mission. The third generation dairy farmer has some simple but profound goals; produce happy, healthy cows, ensure every gate swings with no help from baling twine, and find a wife and raise a family. He’s not opposed to bringing in the help of Farmer Wants a Wife for the latter either. Watch this space. 

Women In Agriculture

Everyday farmers driving change against dust and drought

Growing up on an outback sheep and cattle station, Dr Ellen Litchfield has observed how a green paradise can transform into swathes of bare ground and billowing dust at the whim of Mother Nature.

Legendary local voice of horse sports shares life on the mic

In 1983 Jim Callinan was handed a microphone to announce his very first open campdraft at the Murrurundi Showground. Almost 40 years on and the legendary local voice of horse sports doesn’t plan on loosening his grip on the microphone anytime soon - in fact, he says he’s just coming into his peak. 


Passion drives Megan to chase her childhood dream

As an eager six-year-old wanting a tangible piece of the family stud business – her own cow – Megan Kent was given a steer. This only fuelled a young girl’s passion for cattle and at just 20-years-old Megan walked away from her first bull sale with more than $100,000 in her back pocket.